Still no response from reviewer rejected! Asking for a re-assessment, may I know rejection causes?

This item got rejected, We have put time effort and energy to sale it here :frowning:

how can we improve more? can we get some detail review? Its frustrating

Asking for a re-assessment, we have invested a lot on making a team, hiring designers and developing the product.

We as a publisher invest a lot, how do we check before submission if that is okay, how to avoid all these hard rejection, how do we make sure all money we are investing is not like e fire works! that vanishes with just a rejection email.

Asking and trying to understand as a business partner where is my safety net that all money invested in a product will not gone forever! In my humble opinion sir, it seems I am playing a LUDO! I am a professional software engineer, working for many years, and with all my savings started to make these product, should I STOP? if not what is the way to make it worthy?

I want to have a re-assessment, I will do anything to change or make this product workable! please listen and give me some reply!

**** How do we confirm before submission? that my invested money will not gone forever. There are so many products in pipeline, seems I am done! invested all of my savings here.

What is the business model here? WANT to earn my living from here not losing all of the money :frowning:

I am so sorry to say all these, I need a re-assessment. I am quite confident this time, this product should have a justice or kindness from envato

Can someone reply here? I need reviewers kindness.please initiate some discussion!

So a few points to consider:

  • There are several homepages, but they are all with the same content, you only included a different hero section in each of them, for each homepage you should include new sections and content.

  • DO NOT offer different color options for the same homepage design. Show a little more design.

  • This Landing page mode should not be the main means of navigation, you should include separate internal pages.anchor navigation should only be a bonus.

  • You are creating something in the portfolio category, so keep in mind that you need to have something really impressive, because it is a very competitive category.

  • Your spacing and typography are fine, but you can improve a bit more for better readability.

  • Good colors, you are on the right track.

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Is this a rule? can you please send me the link of that rule written somewhere sir?

By solving all the issues , changing and improving the design, can I submit this again?

In this category also, we have tried to bring unique design and premium quality. It was all i have here.

Hi, Expecting decisions! Want to start work asap , please co-operate. @JeriTeam @charlie4282 please.

Your design need improve that change some colors icons follow (facebook, twitter, etc) in banner for example yellow and green because buyer difficult to see buttons, also error margin & padding because all to page not same, need add one more typography more beautiful letters in titles, this is my think.

Thank you!

@JeriTeam Those are reason for rejection? why everyone is skipping my question, who ever rejects this can you please confirm?

We just developed a single page where every margin is same, but for two/three margin issues a whole investment trashed? Please try to understand the issue and let me know if I can again submit this.

I have reviews from my ui ux community also, its not a product to get hard reject, it has some quality!

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@charlie4282 anything from your side? I am not a starter dev, we have good amount of frontend and backend development exp. combinedly 10+ years! life seems funny here! help please to get all why, so that we can at least save next products

for example create a services to size 30px margin & padding, you need section “experience”, etc to size box 30px for good quality, you can change to colors (yellow and green) for good quality colors I am sure that approved themeforest.

You can ask for feedback on your item, on these forums people will provide feedback as per their experience & expertise. Remember these are authors & buyers like you. You won’t get official reviewers to respond to you here. For that you will either have to re-submit the item, or create a support request.

In spite of there being no written rules & on the contrary, I believe new authors who are just starting up have a huge advantage in the form of a vast library of recent approved items. In my opinion, there cannot be a better guide to learn from as to what and what not to do.

Coming to your submission, its design is much better than what we’re used to see on these forums. It is evident that you have a designer in your team, which is good. The problem is less with your visual design acumen, but more with the functionality of this design.

Your item looks unfinished, at least for TF. For example- Sure it’s a one page design, but every click cannot just open in a modal. If it’s a portfolio, one cannot be expected to show their work in one image with some text. A blog cannot be just an image and some text. There have to be dedicated blog & portfolios to make it functional. Think from the POV of a customer who purchases your item and installs it only to face these trivial issues.

The Hero sections are good, maybe incorporate the details of these niches in the rest of the page as well, instead of having the same content on every page. Your projects section is irrelevant to most of these professions. The images and content both. The footer requires improvement in content.

In the end, however eye-candy a design might be, it has to be rigorously functional and useful to the end user to be accepted in TF, purely because the competition is so high and just good design doesn’t cuts it anymore.

(This is just my opinion based on my TF experience)


Thank you for giving this detailed feedback. Most of your point is really valid. But in single page category I thought it should be single page. Thanks also for clearing out! I raised a ticket and having discussion. Thanks man!

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You need to improve your typography, colors, visibility & navigation style.

Here are the suggestions


  • Minimum user 2 types of font family & use it (You can choose variant font family like “Roboto, Poppins, Open Sans, Work Sans, Nunito” etc).
  • Specify the heading font family, subheading font family, and paragraph font family with exact sizing.


  • Try minimal color combination on your heading, subheading, paragraph, etc.


  • Visual hierarchy is not qualified, try to improve heading, font family, sizing, coloring, spacing, etc.
  • Try to use subheadings.
  • Try to improve button style, sizing, coloring, etc.


  • Navigation is not web organized. Look at other templates that are trading on this marketplace in your category. [Tips: Dropdown hovering action needs to improve]
  • Sticky navigation for better user experience.

In final words, You need to improve your templates carefully.

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