My landing page submission got rejected today.

Here’s the demo link:

Hard reject - no re submission possible and no explanation.

Waited 2 weeks for a hard reject. Absolutely bizarre. What now?

There are some serious trash items (compared to my landing page) among the landing pages that got approved recently. What the hell is going on here?

Should I buy $500 worth of unnecessary plugins from other Envato marketplaces to get accepted or soft rejected? What’s the catch? What’s the policy?

EDIT 2: Really want to talk to a reviewer of my item to hear about the logic used to hard reject me? Come on people - some answers pls?

EDIT 3: crickets chirping

Your design is very generic, purchasing bunch of premium plugins for it won’t change that.
I do agree there are plenty of thrash items, that’s why most items do not sell. Some reviewers have different quality standards obviously. But that doesn’t change the fact that your item is a bit subpar. What’s the point to eventually get approved if you won’t sell anything?

So, it is definitely not horrible, but this concept was already beaten to death. Market is extremely oversaturated with similar designs (and oversaturated in general). Try to step up your game and try to come with something (much) more original.

Thank you for the reply. Let me take you to school real quick.

There is no way to be original in modern web design as everything has been beaten to death already. There are limited number of elements which any and every website consists of. Those elements are what a web designer works with.

This concept of a landing page guarantees sales.

Also, the true customer, the one that returns and purchase multiple licences, do not seek originality but effectiveness. Have you done your homework, you would come to the conclusion that the concept I submitted is the concept that sells the best and always, regardless of what the trends dictate. This is the very nature of the definition of a ‘template’.

I know this, as I’ve been in the industry for 15 years as a designer, front end and back end developer that specialized in WordPress landing pages.

The header type - contact form, is the type that sells the most. It is a timeless batch concept. I’ve already invested 30+ hours in WordPress conversion of this product, and have a brand new collateral for the item page (HTML version). I also have prepared an extensive online documentation with tuts on every section, 1 by 1, on how to quickly edit each element of the landing page.

This HTML landing page was submitted in order to be soft rejected at first, then expanded and updated, and finally converted to WordPress utilizing all of the advice given during the soft reject / accept phase on the HTML item.

It seems that the reviewers over here get their ‘experience’ from reading Smashing Magazine articles, which is cool, but ultimately insufficient.

The submitted HTML item comes with all working forms and can be put to action with 10 minutes of editing or less.

But hey, if it fell on deaf ears, there’s really not much to be done about it. I’ll just cut my losses and be on my merry way. Hardly my fault.


The basic concept is, obviously, ok. I am not talking about the features or basic layout. But the overall impression of the whole design is not that good. It looks like a very decent free template. Definitely doesn’t look premium to me. I am sure you can find many worse designs over here, but the point is you can also find plenty of much much better landing templates.

But with such attitude, I am not even sure why you are asking for feedback. I’ve been on Envato for years and I’ve seen tens if not hundreds of similar threads with exactly the same attitude. You have x years of experience, you know how everything works, you don’t need any schooling from anybody, reviewers are amateurs and so on and so on. What you need is a little bit of humility, accepting that your design is far from great and then start working on improving it.

I will cite you:

But hey, if it fell on deaf ears, there’s really not much to be done about it.

That’s is exactly my though after your reply.