Still my product in Queued for Review

Hello envato team,
Hai. I upload my theme . But it still not reviewed. Im waiting more than 4 days. Please inform me when did you review.

Thank you bro

If you are new author and have no item in themeforest before then you will get review sooner.

If you already had an item which was rejected or approved. Then it can take upto 35 days now days.

I got my first review after 33 days last week.

Where did you get that from?

Hi i know this, the New Authors and Power elite authors get fastest review. If you have an item in queue and you already had a review. Then you will have to wait before the power elite items and new authors items get reviewed.

I really don’t see how that can be right - given the volume of submissions each month and the % of those who are either power elite or even more so new authors it would mean that certainly a huge % of this group of previously reviewed authors would literally never ever get round to their turn.

I do remember something about power elected getting priority reviews but that is a very small number who are not constantly uploading new items

Its themeForest’s policy they give priority to their Power Elite Authors cause they think most of money they earn for ThemeForest. So they want to treat them well.

And They want to motivate new authors that’s why these both types get early reviews.

If there are 300 Themes in Queue , and a power elite or new author post a theme, they will get review before those 300. No matter how old those 300 are in queue.

As you can see right now SAys review time for WordPress 30 days but its 35 Days i got my first review in 35 days 2 days ago this difference is cause of this.


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Power Elite, sure. But I’ve never heard of new authors getting quicker reviews. How do you know this, or are you just guessing?

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