Still don't understand criteria for acceptance

I’ve been around for two years now, I’ve been through all the tutorials and tried every recomendation and I still don’t understand Audiojungle’s criteria for rejecting or accepting an item. I sent dozens of items, all of them hard rejected. One day I sent this one: and was hard rejected too, since I thought it was really good, I sent it again with a minimum change (I muted a hihat), and it finally got accepted, and then it started selling!

So I tried using the same project, the same instruments and the same mixing for a new item. And created this one: which I think is very very good too. Guess what. Hard rejected as usual. Would anybody tell me what would be wrong about this one? Thank you!


Well a few years ago (2014) I submitted a track and they soft-reject it, at that time they had some time to explain why… and they simply told me the drums timing was not perfect… I did a very very slight adjustment and it was accepted.

Recently, I experienced a few rejections, and I always ask for some help here. Well, last time it was good advice: the track was a bit muffled, the mixing was not as good as it could be. I worked, and worked again, re submitted it and it was ok.

But… I still see some tracks that are accepted and I would personnally reject them: they sound midi, mixing is poor, and yet… they are validated! …

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Thanks for your answer frozenjazz! Thats just what I mean. I too hear things that are clearly rejectable and still are approved. And I suspect that a very little adjustment in my item can be enough, but I can’t see what would it be. Anyway I’m very frustrated by the unclear criteria and haven’t got the will to keep trying.

This frustration is shared :slight_smile:
But then, I put myself in the skin of a reviewer… they all have different views, different tastes, different way of assessing things… this might explain the variations in acceptance.

That being said, it seems some people here experience very few rejections… there must be a reason :slight_smile:

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You guys resubmit rejected tracks? Dosent it say in the standard rejection reply that you can’t resubmit it?