Hard Rejection. Can you help me to understand ?:)

Hello everyone, I wish you all a very good Sunday :slight_smile:

This track was rejected and I would like to understand why. To me, everything seemed good and balanced enough to be accepted here, so I finally miss the point and something is wrong here :slight_smile:

Can you help me please ?

Thank you very much !

Hi Osynthw,

Your track sounds well balanced to me! I’ve had some rejections as well on tracks that were produced the same as accepted tracks. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and need in a certain genre. If the reviewers just heard and approved similar tracks like yours it’s possible they don’t accept another one.

Keep up the good work!



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Hi musiccampare ! Thank you for your feedback ! I’m gonna think about it, it’s clear that 80s vibe (not synthwave) is not really the global need and yes reviewer will take the best between tracks. This could explain my rejection !

Still don’t understand AJ reviews. I don’t know how they decide what is good and bad.

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Yes it’s hard to know … I think it take time to understand and learn, but maybe sometime it’s just a luck ?

Yeah. You definitely need luck. The most annoying thing for me is email you get. It is too general. You don’t understand why the track was rejected. I lose interest and hope in myself.

First of all do not lose hope. I had 3 approvals in 10 days after months and months of rejections. Did you try to be non-exclusive? In my case, it allowed me to see that my music could be appreciated at its fair value on other site with a less demanding review system. This allowed me to continue to progress, to continue to upload on audiojungle and wait for it to pass but my other portfolio are really bigger, so I didn’t waste my time :slight_smile: Gradually I advance finally!


Help me understand why was not accepted item

I have never tried other platforms.

You definitely should try it