Hello authors!
These tracks was hard rejected. The reason from reviewer:
- This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Need your expert opinion. In the case of these two tracks, Is it about quality of production and mixing, or is it about melody, harmony and arrangement? Or maybe the problem is in the wrong category (corporate)?

Thanx in advance!

Looks like it’s kinda repetitive…
And some mixing issues for sure. Needs better balance first of all

But i have many rejects by myself, so i’m not the biggest advisor…

Thanks for the feedback. I really have a lot of repetitions, it’s true. I’m already trying to get rid of it. The mixing will also do more carefully.

Just imagine that you are a video editor. Would you use these tracks? In what kind of projects? The only tip is to listen to the topsellers, and work on mixing. Keep going and do the best you can everyday.

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Спасибо за совет, @SERGMARU.
Именно так я и пытаюсь делать. Слушаю топов, представляю видео и т.д. Просто сбивает с толку когда дают хард реджект без объяснений причины. У меня таких уже 6)) Вот и думай что не так) Настроение музыки, качество продакшена или что… В общем, спасибо, буду работать дальше!

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Sounds nice! :slight_smile: maybe some repetitions… but I think you do also do some variations… maybe changing sometimes melodic line could help. I listened the drum… don’t like much the snare.,. maybe with some claps?
Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think you should balance first track better, some part fall of the mix. Kick is very smooth also. I think it would sound better if you create a kick with more low end and mix another instruments around him.

Create a sense of depth in second track. Try to move chord piano deeper and change melody (and library of top keys) at 1:02.

Listen to professional tracks before work and compare with your music.

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I see. Thanx! I’ll remix and rearrange it.

Или настроение ревьювера :wink:

Ok! Thanks for feedback. I’ll take your advice!

В точку!)

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