Steampunk/Victorian Entertainer Responsive Wordpress Theme?


Hey guys and gals!

I’m hoping that someone can help me with this, I’ve been looking for a Steampunk Wordpress Theme or even an older Victorian Theatre style template yet with with an easy to follow corporate style layout?

Ideally I would like:
Responsive - No additional customisation required for mobiles/tablets
Events - In built Calendar for Events/Shows that also has a sidebar widget
Layer image slider - To make a visually stunning first impression on clients
Contact - Social buttons, phone number and email on the top of the page

I’m a big believer in giving site viewers small chunks of information so that they don’t need to scroll much, ideally I can just create an arrow to lead them to the next page etc.

If you know of any themes on here that you think I can use to create what I’m looking for or if you have the skills to put all of this together for me that would be fantastic!

I look forward to getting your feedback.




Also, would like a thin slider or small reel perhaps just under the slider to show off my client list with logos, testimonials etc.


I doubt you’ll find something like that, if you have an idea so precise like this it’d be best to pick your favourite theme, features, the way it looks and the way it works and just customise it to your preference


Thanks Ben,

I thought this would be the case.

This one here:

Is soo close to what I had in mind but it’s not responsive!

I gues Ill keep on searching…


Hi Ben,
I am actually working on a steampunk theme psd right now for wordpress styled websites. Check back in a few weeks :slight_smile: