First Time Poster, Long time Tinkerer.

Greetings all,

Apparently I’m a noob. I cannot for the life of me, have my theme and content look responsive.

(I cannot get it to look the same on different browsers, mobile devices, and diffrent size monitors)
I’m using the X Integrity child theme and it looks like crap. Any one care to throw me a bone?

Site is at

It may be because Table Design != Responsive Design! It would appear most of your layout is comprised of tables - if you’re using Theme X why aren’t you using visual composer elements or something of the sort?

Trust me, I would love to, but the front side builder (Cornerstone) does not want to work for me.

It could be PEBCAC, Oh heck, I wish it was. I have re-installed the theme, Wordpress, ect.

If you want you can email me at and I’ll check it out for you and see what I can do.