Responsive issues with Bridge

Some of the pages are not Responsive, we are still in the designing process. We modified some of the CSS code, is that the cause of the problem, in particular phones? (does not display correctly on phone.)

What did you edit in the CSS?


The changes were very basic: the Font, Size of title, Sub-title (h1-h5),
Menu and some of the colors. No changes were made to the “tablet” or
"phone" responsive code.

Other problems we incur:

  • this was an existing website that was based on another theme “Twenty

  • We get this message at the bottom of the Themes page

    Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete.

Name Description

Bridge Child The parent theme is missing. Please install the "bridge"
parent theme.

  • There are some plug-ins that may be interfering with the Bridge Theme?

Any help is going to be appreciated.




Need help in identifying why I have a Responsive display problem, both
the tablet and phone “Latest Posts” versions overshoot the screen. When
navigating to “Categories” the posts display correctly.



It sounds like you need to get the ducks in line. If the parent theme is not there then that’s likely the problem with the CSS.

There may be issues with just changing theme but it seems more likely that if you have the parent bridge theme installed properly that this would fix it. The child theme should really work without the parent installed properly.

Start by turning each plugin on/off and checking to see if this corrects the problem.

If not then either you need to make sure you correctly install the parent error or alternatively export your content and create a fresh installation (don’t do this unless you know what you are doing).

Without seeing the admin and knowing what was there before adding the new theme etc it’s hard to advise more on that


You may have touched on the core of the problem.

There are several plugins installed, also previous theme installations,
etc. Your suggestion to start over might be the best solution. However I
have no idea on how to first proceed.

I will need to explore the different alternatives.

Any published instructions on Envato for accomplishing what you are



There’s a lot of considerations:

The main one being what is the site made up of? Is it pages and content or just a blog with posts etc?

if it’s just a blog then my advice would be to export the xml (pretty simple in the admin), create a completely fresh WP installation in a sub directory and install a bridge properly there. Then try to import the xml data and see if it works.

If that is ok then you can just change it to the main domain.

That all said a lot will depend on what themes plugins etc are there now - bridge is an epic theme with a ton of features and admin options. Transitioning from a free theme to this a require so careful setup etc to make the page builder work and so on.

The easiest option would probably be to locate the issues in the CSS and just fix that BUT if you haven’t got the parent theme properly installed and there’s a bit of a mess behind the scenes then most likely there willl be more issues in the future.


Please take a look at .

  • The website currently contains pages and posts with images
  • Future purpose is to continue to add pages and posts with images
  • Future website will include WooCommerce
  • Plugins, there are several from the old theme that were not deleted
  • The old theme was not removed

We downloaded a full copy of the content .xml file and after careful
consideration have decide the best solution is to start with a clean
install. Is this the best solution for this website?

The CSS thus far is:

.touch .popup_menu_holder_outer{
display: none;

.touch .popup_menu_opened .popup_menu_holder_outer{
display: block;

footer .column1 {
position: relative;
top: -0px;

.cover_boxes ul li .box .box_content { top: 0; }
.cover_boxes ul li .box .qbutton { margin-top: 18px; }

.drop_down .second .inner .widget {
padding-bottom: 13px;

.drop_down .second .inner .widget a{
padding: 0px !important;

.contact_detail .contact_section > h4 {
display: none;

.blog_large_image h2,
.blog_large_image h2 a,
.blog_holder.blog_single article h2,
.blog_holder.blog_single article h2 a {
font-size: 27px;

.blog_small_image h2,
.blog_small_image h2 a { font-size: 22px; }

nav.vertical_menu>ul>li>a {
text-transform: lowercase;

.q_logo_vertical {
margin-top: 120px;

.qbutton, .load_more a, .blog_load_more_button a, #submit_comment,
.drop_down .wide .second ul li .qbutton, .drop_down .wide .second ul li
ul li .qbutton {
text-transform: lowercase;

.carousel-inner .slider_content .text .qbutton.white {
margin-left: 0px;

.blog_holder .post_content_holder .post_more a {
display: none;

.contact_section .separator, .contact_section .separator.small.right,
.contact_section .separator.small.left {
margin-top: 30px;
margin-bottom: 10px;

aside .widget a, .side_menu a, .side_menu .widget li {
font-weight: 300;

.contact_section {
padding-top: 60px;

.contact_form {
margin-bottom: 100px;

.title .separator.small, .title .separator.small.left, .title
.separator.small.right {
margin-top: 30px;
margin-bottom: 0px;

.projects_masonry_holder .text_holder {
background-color: rgba(25,29,32,0.8);

.blog_holder article.format-link .post_title p a, .blog_holder
article.format-quote .post_title p a, .blog_holder article.format-link
.post_text .post_title p, .blog_holder article.format-quote .post_text
.post_title p {
color: #ffffff;

.q_slider .qbutton.white:hover {
background-color: #191d20;
border-color: #191d20;

nav.mobile_menu ul li a, nav.mobile_menu ul li h3 {
text-transform: uppercase;

.comment_holder .comment {
background-color: transparent;

.comment_holder .comment .text .name {
color: #bebebe;

.blog_holder article.format-link .post_text:hover .post_text_inner,
.blog_holder article.format-quote .post_text:hover .post_text_inner {
background-color: #30373d !important;
border-color: #30373d !important;

.post_text_inner {
width: 800px !important;
margin-left: 15%;
margin-right: 15%;

.post_text {
width:100% !important;



It doesn’t look that messed up but you have “themes/bridge/bridge” which is definitely wrong.

If you are going to start a fresh then definitely test it out in a subdomian to test environment first as I have no idea what importing the content will do if it’s based on pages from an old theme.

To clarify, "you have “themes/bridge/bridge” which is definitely wrong"
you mean there should be only “themes/bridge” ? Is this simply, move the
sub-folder themes/bridge/bridge to themes/bridge ?

I will attempt to fix the problem this way first, before doing a
complete new install.

You are very helpful, thanks a lot!



I have managed to break the website. Any resources available to get out
of this predicament?

Do I have any options now? or the website is trashed?

If I go to (the website, php, pma host) it displays the wp1,
wp2 tables. I also have the .xml backup, but I managed to break everything.



What did you do to break it?

Looks like there’s a fresh install there now?

When I did the fresh WP and Bridge theme all fell apart.

I have no idea how to fix this

This is exactly why we suggested setting up a test environment or sub domain firs. That said the installation looks better than it was.

It will look like it does until you have content, nav, logos, front page etc set up - that’s the same with any theme

If you have an xml export then I’d suggest trying to import that which should give you pages and posts etc. to work with

The db wp2_posts table is intact.

If this helps anyway in finding a solution to my problem:

I have restored most of the content. I get the following message:

failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
on line 51

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening
for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5.6’) in
on line 51

Apparently everything else is now working, the theme has problems as
shown above.

Thank you so much for your help.



I have a new problem:

no “Dashboard”

Any ideas?



It sounds like your best option may be to wipe clean and start over completely.

This will mean rebuilding the pages etc but the first issue you had with content is down to the bridge/bridge theme installation so it would need some fairly awkward edits to make it work if possible.

Given the vast difference between where you were and bridge themes I’d take it as an opportunity to refresh and rethink the site - it’s a great theme and shouldn’t take too long to create something new.


You got it. This is the best option. I am collecting all the files to
start over with a clean install.



Started developing the website with a clean install using the “Bridge
Theme”, all goes well until we view the website on a “tablet” or “mobile”

Please visit
"" this
page displays correctly on all devices, however when we go to
"" the
"Post" does not display correctly after a click on “READ MORE” the Post
images and text do not display well in Mobiles and Tablets. I know it is
a Responsive setting problem, but we have not changed or added any CSS.
Any ideas?