Feedback on PSD Theme

So I’m back following this thread after a hard reject. We went back to the drawing board, and have come up with a new design. It’s still not complete, but we just wanted to make sure that in general we are on the right track.

Given that last time round there was plenty of feedback and quite a lot of it was on the fact that the time was a little bit too agressive, we wanted to get more feedback before we actually submitted the PSD.

Would very much appreciate any frank comments. I’d really like to get this PSD approved, so any hints on getting this approved would be really really helpful.

We wanted to get the PSD approved before developing the actual WP or other CMS theme, taking the progress one step at a time.

The new theme can be found here.

Thanks in advance.

Its hard to tell with just one page but type does still look quite aggressive and brash especially the bold copy under post titles plus copy on post grid could be improved with more variation between dates and tiles rather than just smaller/bigger text

Would love to get some more feedback about this - anybody else? :grinning:

It is definitely more “down to earth” then your previous attempt, but it currently looks too much “alpha version” to give you any feedback. Pay a great attention to detail, check out the header, both logo and menu are not vertically aligned. The first test section have different top and bottom paddings then the next section (with thumbnails). Don’t really understand the last section, there is title, excerpt, read more button and under that is the full article itself? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand that you want to hear some opinions before you put more time into this, but it is hard togive you any constructive feedback based on obviously unfinished design.

Hi LSVRThemes,

yes yes it is unfinished right now - we just wanted to make sure we’re not taking off and completing the work in a completely wrong direction, so wanted to reach out right now. We’ll continue enhancing the theme for sure and yes will take note of all of the tiny details you’re pointing out!

Thanks again!

Sorry but still no. There are too many basic errors, like the top slider text not being vertically centered ( looks really bad), those slider bullets seem too big, everything is soo crowded

Poor spacing again

There are just lots of these spacing issues, typography isn’t that great, the blog section looks random(how would you expect to code it in WP when every block is different and makes no sense?).

I’d suggest going with a simpler idea such as a blog theme and not over-complicate things

The spacings & typography are what need a lot of work, once you’ve get those down it’ll look a hell of a lot better.