Rate my new HTML5 responsive / blog concept :: Please

Hi all !!

I am about to release this for review and wanted to get the communities thoughts on my project. It is my first try at this type of configuration and wanted to make it unique enough to stand out, but elegant enough for a personal blog… Tell me what you think… Uploading tomorrow hopefully… :grin:

Also I have an additional five sites that I would like to see what you the community thinks about and will post them tomorrow…


go unique or go home

Demo. http://www.themeify.com/blogster/paper10/

Anyone out there to go ahead and give some additional input ?

I really like your theme and it’s good that you’re trying to expand the boundaries of boredom! :smile:

GLWS and I hope it’ll be approved! :wink:

Thanks alot for the comments… Yes I am trying to change things up a little to make it unique!