Soundcloud groups are being removed

It seems that we won’t be able to share our tracks on important groups such Envato and many others…What are your thoughts abour this issue? Is it going to change the rules in Soundcloud?

It was an important feature for me.
Let´s see how potential buyers will find our music within SC.

I do regular SC upload of my 100 tracks while deleting the oldest upload and reload that track again as fresh upload.

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Sounds a good strategy to me, thanks for sharing this tip

I sent them a message (when asked) that it’s a bad idea. For the reason @Waderman gave. They replied that other features will be added etc… My opinion is that they want to control the database and spam. So probably the tracks will become less visible.

I think this is a good decision by soundcloud.

Yeah, were bad news for me as well. Looking forward for new features!

Sharing to groups was one of my biggest promotional tools. You can’t repost your own tracks unless you delete tracks and add them back like you said Waderman. Its all about getting the tracks to show up fresh around on the stream. Hopefully there will be a way to do this with updates.

Bad news :disappointed:

I understand SC is a full of spam place and they try to sweep all the rubbish and improve it but groups where a good tool to address your music to specific fields like videocreators, filmmakers,… and so on


Here’s what I found:

There is a petition on now. You can find it here:-

Best wishes, MotionAudio !

Has anyone seen new features or updates on Soundcloud yet?

Nothing. No thing.

Just saw that soundcloud started something called ‘Stations’ which seems to create a playlist based off of a song.

Don’t know how their algorithm works for creating the playlist, but I would guess that tags/genre selection would have something to do with it.

So make sure you don’t neglect those tags on SoundCloud!

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so, did anyone get accustomed to new features of SC? any of them (if there are any, beside “stations” which is useless and works for nooneknowswhatreason)?

No, nothing and it was a real bad step of them. Not worth to upload new tracks cause only a handful views.
And features ? What features…I see none

They just keep the playlist. Maybe it’s the way they work.

I found a workaround if someone is interested:

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