Whats wrong with my soundcloud account?

Hey everyone people. I have a question.
Today im enter to my soundcloud account to upload a few new tracks and…
My “Groups” button is missed! Anyone faced with such problem?
Take a look:

Hi, they removed this feature. Sad but true…

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Whai whai whait… I understanding you by right way? The groups is not exists now?

So… they just deleted a thousands of groups? For what!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :rage::rage::smiling_imp::scream::dizzy_face::tired_face:
So ok. Thats cool :slight_smile: Thats nice. Im fine. Im fine I`m fine.
Thanks for answer man.

No the groups are still there, but we just cant put tracks in groups like before

We need to learn new ways of promotion on soundcloud I guess :frowning:

Like you already say - sad but true. Wish good luck to all of us.

And they strongly refuse persons to share a stream inside facebook. Ahh remember the good old days!

Yes, it is the end of groups on Soundcloud. I guess they just became 99% spam.