SC dropping Groups

From SoundCloud today:

we’ve decided to phase out Groups on Monday, August 22nd to make room for future updates

OK, so now what? Sharing to Groups was our main SC tactic for AJ music. It was the perfect bastard child of spam and service, where curious listeners within a specific genre would find a plethora of tracks added by ambitious artists. They go on on saying they’re shifting focus to “curated playlists”. I’m actually a bit puzzled as to how that will pan out.

Not that SC traffic has been a huge deal for us, but sending to Groups was the one thing we used it for and now it feels like a lot of clickwork is going down the drain. I guess they want to go more “YouTube” style with organic playlist building and less spam, I’m just afraid that will only lead to people spamming SC with new playlists instead.

Your thoughts on SoundCloud in general?

I can’t talk from the AJ/RF point of view, cause I didn’t used SC for that. But from the “band” point of view, Groups weren’t working as they used to.
There are already lots of playlist already, so the spam is among us :sweat_smile:. Nevertheless, curated playlists and reposts are working very well, sometimes even driving traffics from blogs and YT channels. So, I guess it makes sense for SC to do this move.
Hope it doesn’t cut your business tho, good luck with that :wink:

I think in my case groups worked awesome, huge amount of my traffic generated from SC. So this is another “shoot your leg” tactics of Soundcloud and i hope it will be changed. That’s what they wrote to me: “As a Group moderator, we understand the following you’ve built by moderating submissions to your Groups – we suggest to keep that following going by creating a profile to curate. You can use Reposts and Playlists to share suitable tracks, and accept submissions via Messages.” Crazy advice.