Is soundcloud worth it?


I was wondering if people found that putting tracks on Soundcloud was helping sell their music? Most of the theft stories on here start with thieves taking stuff off Soundcloud so I wondered what other people thought; is it worth the risk?


If you only upload the preview files, theft shouldnt be a problem. If you’re non-exclusive that probably means that you have to make your own watermarks. And you would also have to decide which marketplace you will refer your customers to or set up several soundcloud accounts.
I have most of my music on soundcloud, but I have no idea if it helps sell my music. If I would have to guess, I would guess no. But it is so easy to upload so I guess it doesnt hurt.


Yeah, I guess putting Audiojungle watermarks would sound a little amateurish if I’m selling elsewhere! I’d be interested to see what anybody else thinks, I’m in two minds whether to keep up my soundcloud or if it’s not worth it.


It seems to me if you stick to do things fast, to upload quickly, copy/paste links and so on Soundcloud is one more tool to add some presence in the web


yes, it’s worth it! Totally


Use it daily with regular uploads, preview download option, incl. buy link through and post it to RF groups as well as thumblr, twitter, etc.

2-3 tracks per day in a round (delete old, reup the last)

Worth it 100%


Thanks for the reply. It’s good advice and I think I’ll have to expand my marketing outreach then. What RF groups do you mean?


Search for Royalty Free and join those groups. Afterwards you can add your track to those groups but be careful no to overrun with too many tracks. Than you may be blocked. So 2-3 tracks per day are enough to post. In the morning, mid, afternoon.