How to be find by customers

Hi guys,

I am new in the royalty free music. I wondered if it is worth using Soundcloud and/or youtube to be found by customers. What is your experience on this? Do you have any advice about it?


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This may help you. :slight_smile: -


Thanks! it helps.

Hello, nice to talk to you, BlueBuddy!

I also have the same question.

Please be aware that I am quite under-qualified to answer. I am almost a newbie even after a few years since I started audiojungle. (in other terms, excuse me because I sound quite implausible).

Perhaps soundcloud and twitter? twitter is really effective still to draw traffic and to find new people.

I do not know about facebook since I am not really a sociable person. I have my own facebook page but I do not have any registered fans who are not my family members. I guess I am posting articles without focus or I do not care what potential buyers would want to read.

Even though I do not have enough samples to validate my hypothesis, there does seem to be a correlation between actions taken on those SNSes and sales at audiojungle.

I recently got a message with the following link from a new follower on twitter. I guess I will give a try to these methods:

Needless to say, it is quite difficult for me but I gotta make more tunes to upload to AJ…

P.S. I checked up your profile. I see a lot of quality music / indent in your portfolio and they are amazing!

This is worth reading -


Thanks befive!

I’m going to create a special Soudcloud account connected to Audiojungle. I believe many composers do that. We can thus reach groups “royalty free” and get discovered. There are also Facebook groups to present royalty free music…
Good luck and good music to you!


Thanks a lot ToivoMedia! :wink:

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Thanks BlueBuddy! I have been enjoying soundcloud even though I have only few interactions with people out there. I suspect that SC and the buy buttons work well for promotion because I often get a sale at AJ as well as tracks for other markets as soon as I published preview tracks there. As @ToivoMedia suggests with the article, SNS account needs a lot of followers to be effective enough.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

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