How and where to find potencial buyers?

Hello everybody! I am on Audiojungle since about march. I had a promising start, I uploaded about 3-4 tracks and got some sales right away then when I was allowed to upload more tracks at once I uploaded my entire catalog and I didn’t see a sale for a long time yet (months). I don’t know, maybe the algorithm changed my track’s visualization rank, anyway the question is who are the people that buy music on Audiojungle? And where and how can I promote the music and get more visitors? Should I contact production companies? Write to youtubers, or join some page on Facebook? Any practical advice is more than welcome. Thanks!

@BozzProduction .

You have 21 uploaded items and 6 sales. The media market expanded a lot during the last years, the competition is continously growing , all the markets are overcrowded, authors are basically selling their media for pennies, and mostly all platforms adopted the subscribtion model. There are thousands of authors with great uploaded media, hundred of tracks in their repertoire, who recently didn’t even reached the minimal payment threshold . Now , ask yourself. How legit was your question ? Yes, you may promote yourself as much as possible. It may help, or it may be a waste of time. Time will tell.


@Soundtrickz thanks for your answer! So you are saying basically that because the markets are overcrowded doesn’t make sense spend time to advertise. I understand but still, I see all these platforms advertising their content and their website a lot. Are they also wasting time and money? It seems to me to be a discrepancy here but I understand your point. Thanks for sharing it.

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@BozzProduction . You missed the point. I never said ’ advertising is useless’ . Companies are buying advertising in bulk. Even it looks similar, it is not. They are selling x000 number of product on daily basis. There is a logic economical feasibility.
Of course , you may do the same thing, but the outcome is not always the desired one. Sometime it works, sometimes you are investing money which you do not have/won. That is what i meant.

Sure, I see what you mean and I think is an important consideration but my question is still without an answer. If I would give it a try, considering the hard and overcrowded market, how and where could I find potential buyers?

@BozzProduction . Potential buyers ( regarding all of the above , crisis, covid, market overflood ) are everywhere. If you are supplying the product in demand. There are several strategies which may work for you, or they don’t. Some authors are producing most common sold things ( corporate, inspiring , epic, etc ) and price them at the lower price allowed. With a very large repertoire it may work. Somehow, i am not advocating for this strategy. Well produced niche products, focusing on quality , not quantity, higher than average priced, may be the most decent way to find your unique spot in the marketplace. Build a solid repertoire ( 21 tracks is not quite the target ). Sadly, there is no magic wand .