Sorry, it looks like you're currently locked out of your account ?

Hello Everyone ,
I Am Trying To Login To My Account And I Get This Message .
"Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account"
I Checked My Emails And Nothing There ?
Also All My Items Are Removed And Not Available For Sale ?
What Is Going On ?
Regards Billaras


If you haven’t done so already, please open a Help Ticket. We are not able to go into account issues here on the forums.


Thank You For The Quick Response ,
Here is My Ticket ID 458228

Sorry to reply here but kingdog, you just closed my thread for calling out items, users or staff. I did neither of these things. You say to be respectful, but your staff are not respecting me. It’s incredibly unfair for you to close my thread, just because it’s a negative review of my experience with envato doesn’t mean I’m ‘calling anyone out’! I simply want my case reviewed, your team are no longer responding to my emails so I created a forum post. Now that’s been closed it just reaffirms my point in the original thread.

Again, sorry for posting here but what choice do I have?

I understand the frustration. And as I mentioned in my comment, I’m sure the Help Team will be able to address your problem through your help ticket :smiley:

The last response I got was “I really want to help you but…” So they are not willing to help me. Hence the forum topic. I have no choices left, envato have just given up on me and taken my money. I’m not being unreasonable, just want justice for a simple and honest mistaken purchase.

I agree foo-addict… I have noticed a policing which leaves me with an uneasy feeling. A healthy company is confident and open to critiques. This is a trend in the wrong direction.

wow xFx that must be a frightening experience. Best of luck to you in sorting it out.

Agreed and thank you, the lack of response again to my above message further cements it.

@ xFxDesigns, That is sad, I wish you will be back soon.your works are great always

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Just A Heads Up To Everyone Interested ,
Account Was Locked As a security precaution.
We Are Back !

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Per original poster request.