Something interesting is coming this week on GraphicRiver, Give me your valuable opinion please

Upcoming action will turn it into 3D Low-Poly action.

Many modes in one action Flat, Metallic, Transparent With dots or lines and your reflection Image. with adjustable lights!

sample Image: Metallic Low-Poly

@IndWorks @Novocaina @L5Design @yogurt86 @n2n44 @XioxGraphix

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Please, Moderators note that this is not a promotion I just want feedback.

lol u’d better added the additional message as i was about to say that the interesting thing was supposed to be that u get kicked for self promoting? lol more seriously, this is looking good for me and i have to vow that i am not an expert from these types of items indeed but i really like the result that u are generating, it looks ok from where i sit …


The whole image consists of similar elements (size, color, shape). It is very monotonous and therefore a lil boring. Try to diversify the drawing, highlight the main and minor sections, and make them diverse

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your post title - i thought its envato announcement :smiley:

nice effects - i dont use much ps actions but i thought it may good if it have few color options

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Good work, buddy!

Your basic build-up looks pretty solid, but could you try to bring out the highlights/shadows a little more so that the details in the small areas don’t get lost.
Also, it would be nice to see other color variations.


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Yes, it’s an action. It uses photoshop 3D features so yes! you can control lights colors etc. :wink:

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hey, I can judge only final effect which is very cool in my opinion. But my opinion means nothing without experience of using this action, is it complicated? is it really time saving or maybe I have to spent 2 hours installing some plugins? is it fast or I have to mark areas for action 20x in a row to get right spot I need :slight_smile:

Effect is cool - hope the core in source is too because if it is you have good selling item already :slight_smile: hehe

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Nice job action 3d poly :slight_smile:

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