New 3D Polygon Action is coming...! Want Feedback...

Hello, Can you please tell me if this is great or need optimizations?

Action will be come in Very small polygons, Mid and High polygons count…

Two different modes each. :slight_smile:

hi indeed i like it , i just would say that if u could use a preview with more contrast between back and front it would help u to underline the effect of the action in my opinion …

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very good! :heart_eyes: Only true creative can give best advices. I’ll try and if possible post it here too.

Thank you.

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thank u this is nice to have someone appreciating that other people try to help and build a community , this is not what happens with all people to say the least … i wish u the very best with your item buddy :slight_smile:

Looks great! I don’t know what your plans are for the preview image, but you should definitely show a bunch of before and after images. I might even use this myself depending on how it works.

It uses Photoshop 3D features… You can adjust lights, colors …etc. Just wait for few more time I’ll give you before and after images so you can give me proper review! :slight_smile:

(Actually I’m trying to make video tutorial simple as possible because not everyone knows how to use Photoshop’s 3D featuresa and also cutting actions unnecessary functions or user commands.)