Somebody used my Music and sells it



I just found an Audio CD on Amazon using my Music.
Is it allowed that an other person sells my Music indirect as Meditation Background?
Or which license he should have purchased.
Thank you very much



This is not allowed.


Thank you for your fast Response Lumen! :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t it also be allowed to sell it, if the person has a voice over on my music?


Are you joking, this is stealing.


Here is a Screenshot of the FAQ Shot.
That would mean it is allowed?


No it is not allowed. License terms specifically prohibit adding vocals to music bought on AJ.


Do you have a Screenshot of this information?


Buyers are indeed allowed to sell their end products. But their end product cannot consist of the mere music.



Thank you PurpleFogSound! What do you think of this?


Sorry I had missed the part about meditation in your first post.

In this case the audio CD may include your music but there has to be a voice over it. It cannot be your music as is.


There is a Voice Over.
But this CD is a Bestseller. Could it be that this Author sells thousands of CD’s with a music standard license? :scream:


They need to purchase the correct license, in-line with the number of copies they are selling. If they’ve sold less than 10,000 copies then a Regular License is fine, based on your description of the use. More than 10,000 and they’re going to need a Mass Reproduction License. Not sure how you’d prove that they’ve gone over 10,000 but if it’s looking that way then I guess there’s nothing wrong with opening a dialogue with them (if possible) just to double check. The requirements for being a ‘bestselling item’ in the relaxation CD’ category, might be pretty low.


Thank you very much SpaceStockFootage! :slight_smile: