A Client resells my Music on Amazon. Envato told him that it's okay!?


a few days ago I received a Mail from a person who heard my music on a Meditation CD. (WITHOUT Voiceover)
She asked If she could have the notes of my music.
I never heard before from that CD.
I searched the web and really found MY original MUSIC without any changes.
I mailed the company and they told me that they asked envato support for permission.
The also send me the Mail history between them and Envato.
Why Envato allows this to him?

Selling meditation CDs with no voice over is not permitted as per AJ license terms. This very example is explicitly stated in the license FAQ.

So either the buyer did not understand what Envato support told them, or someone at Envato messed up big time! Depending on which it is, one or the other owes you compensation for this.


For these sorts of issues the best thing is for you personally to get in touch with support via Envato Help & Support Center and ask for clarification on this matter.

Copyright law is very simple when it comes to this. You definitely have a case. Hope you get the :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: you’re owed