Somebody is stealing tracks

I found this video video in Youtube; please check it because can be one of your tracks.

Probably this is a stolen track, i suppose it because the other track in the channel is mine, and this guy is registering in another company.
By the way, it´s nice to see how Haawk works because i got mine registered with them and nothing happen.

PD; I found him in Apple Music too.


I think it’s Vydia’s fault.

Thats one thing, the other is, this person is registering someone else tracks without permission. I found this because i found one of mine, so i post this one here if someone recognize it.

Another one;

Unfortunately, they (or any other CID service) don’t protect you from people distributing your songs.

This has happened to me too multiple times.

You have to write to YouTube (report), Spotify etc. and show some proof that you are the owner. It really helps if you have already distributed the same track on Spotify, YouTube etc.

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The problem about it here is how can someone register my tracks with other company? It supposed that there is an “alert” when you upload registered tracks. Me, as others, pay for this.

Spotify isn’t connected to the HAAWK database, and vice versa.

But, yes, I do agree that when the auto-generated YouTube track is created when you distribute a track and check the “YouTube” box, it SHOULD see that it is already in the Content ID system, and ask to provide some proof of ownership.

But it doesn’t.

I have registered hundreds of my own tracks with CID before releasing them on Spotify etc., and none have been flagged.

They don’t check.

I know Spotify or Apple Music doesnt work with Haawk, but in this case in particular i am talking about Youtube.

Yes, I know that. But those are auto-generated YouTube music tracks (different part of YouTube) that the distributors make.

They don’t check.

Write to the distributor, Spotify, YouTube. That is how you solve it. And this won’t be the last time this happens if you have popular tracks…

Im on it, but i shared the other tracks because maybe they are stolen too and hope the author read this.

Yes, that’s good.

In my case it was solved quickly and some profiles were completely deleted. They let some others stay up but deleted (or changed the names of) my tracks.

It’s the wild wild west out there.

This is one of the reasons I would recommend everybody to release their tracks, so you have the earliest release date for proof and an ISRC code. You don’t have to send it to Spotify if it’s not a “great” track, you can just choose any small service.


And frustrating…

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I know.

I had to deal with this quite a bit last year.

Incredible that people just steal music…

How did you find this?

i usually do a search with my author name.


This channel too. I think they actually bought the tracks but then just added something very small to it and upload them.
This is not allowed per the license either because the main focus is the music.

That’s true, but that channel is a completely different situation.

They have not DISTRIBUTED the tracks as their own on Spotify etc. That’s where the real problems arise. New ISRC codes etc.

I’m not saying it’s allowed, just much milder and very easy to solve if you want to. They are bootleg remixes.

Personally, I would allow someone singing or playing over my track in a YouTube video ONLY (even if it’s technically not allowed). If they bought a license of course (or I get CID revenue).

If they put it out on Spotify… Now that’s another story.

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True that is a severe case of stealing and infringement.

Hello colleagues!

I would advise you to take a look at these profiles:

millions of plays

also millions of plays

I recently found 5 (maybe there are more) of my renamed works of 2016-2017 which are have fake-copyrighted by 2023 Integral Music Group.
Each of these personalities above have uploaded about 500-1000 tracks to Spotify, Apple iTunes etc.
It’s mostly soft meditation music style with piano, world music, new age. Sounds of nature have been added to all tracks and slight modifications have been made to pitch and tempo.
After doing a search on “YouTube Music”, I found out that CDBaby and Symphonic Distribution are their distributors.
A couple of days ago I sent request (with detailed explanation) to both distributors for take down releases with my tracks. Support of both platforms has been quick to respond and already sent requests for take down of affected releases to all streaming partners.

If any of you have tracks in this genre, I would recommend looking for them in these profiles.


thanks for the info, how did you find your music?

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