Somebody stole my music and registered it.

These guys registered a song with adrev, but the music is my track “Summer Grooving”, which they downloaded and maybe bought a license. I don’t know JoomBoos - TI SI KO GRIPA (Official Music Video) - YouTube This is stealing! I’m both very frustrated and confused.
I know that you guys probably heard about or experienced something like this. Please help? Should I contact Envato Support or Adrev? Thank you!

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Contact the author of the video and Adrev.

He added vocal and created a song from your track and registered this as his song to Adrev. He did not steal it he just ignored license information, as far as I know, AJ licenses do not allow to create a song from an AJ track.

Correct, That is not allowed.

Representing somebody else’s music as your own and benefiting from it is a form of stealing as far as I’m concerned. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse to break them.


Yes, it is stealing


That’s not allowed 100% !!!
Maybe submit a copyright claim on YT and get in touch with them, as well with envato support.

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I advise you to send DMCA on his video.
This video author will contact you after that I think.

He harms your clients, because he earns money from their videos, since he registered the track in ADREV.

I advise you to contact AdRev support also. But they work terribly.

Have you registered this track in CID?

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I was against services like AdRev at first, but know I have to think about it. Already contacted the uploader of the video and AdRev. Haven’t heard from neither of them.

Just submitted the claim. And now we wait :slight_smile:

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Woooow, you’re absolutely right! Indeed voices are badly “glued” (?) on the base in an obscene way.

You should write a comment under the video with a post with the screenshoot of your release and their song: they will be laughed at and certainly they will not make a good impression…


Yep. The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID) - #2 by RedOctopus


Yeah it’s weird because they went to the effort of choreographing and recording the whole music video but then couldn’t get anyone to even do the most basic mixing of the vocals in with the rest of the song


For this type of use he would need a sample license (which is not available on Audiojungle), not a sync license. First ask him for compensation of several thousand dollars and if he refuses, send a DMCA to the video and to the whole distribution chain (spotify, apple, adrev etc.).

The only way to get music into the ContentID system is through a distributor, who usually will have some form of support. I have run into this 3 times where someone put vocals over my tracks and released it on CDBaby or something. Each time I’ve been able to get the company who actually posted to ContentID to take it down.

And it is stuff like this that forced my hand with registering with Identifyy. Just do it, it won’t hurt your sales and will protect your music.


“He didn’t steal the car, he just borrowed it…” is usually a poor defense.