About registering tracks without permission in Youtube.

I have found a lot of my tracks (i have all of them registered with Haawk) registered too in “Warner Chappell”.
This is started to happen this week.
Warner did without my permission.

Anyone else here with the same problem?
Check it, maybe you are in the same situation.


Can you share some details? How did you find out about it? Are you both claiming the videos? Or is it preventing you from registering your own tracks?
Have you published your music with Warner Chappell at some point? Is there a name of another author who is fraudulently claiming your assets?

If it’s fraudulent claiming, unfortunately it happened to many authors who had not registered their music with ContentID. In such cases, it looks like authors have been able to sort it out and reclaim ownership.

I have my tracks registered in Haawk, i never have been talked or wrote with Warner.
Both, Haawk and Warner are claiming my tracks. Two weeks ago only Haawk (mine) was claiming the tracks in Youtube.

I sent an email to Warner asking about this, waiting for response (5 business days).

An example;

PS; Is there any way to write to Youtube asking? I cant find it.

Ok, so this is not fraudulent claiming, you are still listed as the sole author. What does Haawk say about this?

I sent an email too, maybe tomorrow because of Sunday.

I would like to know who and why is doing this.

That sure is fair enough!

Is your music published anywhere else, other than AJ?

Also are all your tracks affected or only one (or a few)?

No, only in Envato.

I had found more, and i still searching. And all of them in this week.

This is intriguing. Hopefully you’ll get an answer tomorrow. Keep us posted on this.

Just checked identifyy items and no signs of Warner or nothing strange
Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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This is very interesting! And definitely a great milestone! Also curious if clients of this level actually result in more sales. Please keep us updated how it goes!