Sold 1 track with standard license and customer use it in more than 1 video.

I have found at least 2 customers who buy 1 track from my catalogue and use it in more than 1 youtube video. Is that ok? My understanding of the “Music Standard License” is to be used in 1 end product, so, 2 videos are “two end products”, right?.
There is something I can do? It is worth?

Thank you in advance! Joel (Sonidos Portables)

Hey Joel. Are these videos related to each other? If so here is your answer:


Thank you so much @SFmusic. Very usefull link!!. I couldn´t find it before. I guess that those videos can be consider as a single product, since one of my track is used on some kind of “tutorial” of how to use their (my customer) services, and in the other hand (the other customer) did some kind of video series for christmas (about the service they provide)…so, I believe those are valid “one end product”.

Once again, thank you so much for the info!!

Really glad! Joel.