Question About License/End Product Music Use

Hello! I am new to this site and have a question over the licenses I hope someone can help me with.

I have a youtube channel which I am creating Excel tutorials and basic psychology concept guides for a graduate assistant position I hold. These videos are intended to assist undergraduates at my university. For a $25 Standard License charge, there is a song called Education by AlgorithmDream that I really like and want to add as background music to my future video guides. However, it says it is for use in one end product.

My question is this:
Does this mean that I can only use the song for a single youtube video? Or does this mean I can use it for my single youtube channel in general (in all my videos, which is what I want). If it is for a single video, are there any license options that would allow me to use the song in all my future videos?

I love the music AudioJungle offers, but if I have to pay $25 each video (which are only 2-6 minutes on average) this may not be the site for me as a broke, ramen-sustained graduate student.

Thank you for your time.


Indeed, one end product means one video… in most cases. There are no licenses that allow multi-use for music items on Audiojungle.

However, if your videos are related and can be considered as episodes of a same series, then you can use the series policy that allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

Or, if you use it on an intro that’s always the same (same video material, rendered once and slapped in front of the main content) then the intro may be considered to be the end product, which you can then use in any number of videos.

Hope it helps.

Hello @gwill035

Thanks for purchase from envato market

No of end product will be 1 for any license

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. Sadly I will have to find music to use elsewhere. Very pricey here but understandable because we are getting rights to the music.

This must be the cheapest place around! One license for up to 52 episodes is a pretty good deal, if you ask me. Too bad it doesn’t suit your needs. Good luck finding what you want :slight_smile:

You certainly have a point. I could probably argue that my Excel tutorials are a part of a single-subject experimental design series. I am not seeing a “Series License” option. Just these options (screen-shotted). Which one are you referring to? Thank you!

It’s not a specific license, this series policy applies to all licenses. You can read about it in the FAQ. Hope it helps!