Soft rejection on graphicrever template

Hi there have made a template and the file is soft rejected. I don’t understand what is the problem is? please help!!Capture

It sounds like all you need to do is fix your paragraph styles and try resubmitting again.

If you can take some screenshots of your item and how the paragraph styles are implemented, then maybe we can walk you through how to fix it.

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hi this was sent last december and u ask now? lol anyway , if the item is not “expiring” this is fine, i agree with @XioxGraphix, indeed, u should post a screenshot of the item or the screenshot of your picture and palettes

The file is of total 32 pages, check out this two page…

any body help me

Here are the screenshots, I would also like to know the correct implementation @n2n44 @XioxGraphix

Oh sorry, I didn’t see that this had been replied to.

I think the problem that was mentioned had to do with the how to file was made, not necessarily the design. Can you show us how the document is set up? Such as taking a screen shot of the paragraph styles panel, and anything else you can think of.

when i do not feel like i am competent , i do not answer and let experts like @XioxGraphix tell more …

Problem solve thanks