my submission has been rejected (again and again)

hi guys!
my submission has been rejected again and again.
it said “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
can anyone help this newbie to fix this issue?
i’m open for any advices.
thanks a lot!

here’s the image preview of my submission :

I don’t understand what item is this.

first i submitted it as [graphic] and got rejected. and then i submitted as [web element - social media] and still got rejected. i’m getting desperate here now lol

hi as for me I am not surprised that the item was hard rejected since there are a collection of things to say about it , things to change , modify or improve a lot I might add …
1- global style
I am sorry to tell u just this but I have limited “faith” in the potential of this item in the current style … the fated of the matter is that the global looks is very girly like and if u ask me , there is a total disconnection in terms of style with the kind of picture that u have placed inside. U have to identify that there is a need to be coherent and here u are not, this tends to rather be misleading for the targeted audience, more than ay other thing, if ask me …
2- “ratios”
u talk about cool ! but? well u end have having some windows with the content not being adapted , so what is the point in the end? for instance, ok this works with the squared version but on the other hand, with the 9:16 u have the whole windows that u draw very close from edges until this is choking in both left and right sides, but there is far more space over and under , until there a big discrepancy appearing … which impact the visual negatively about the way it looks
3- lack of breathing
whether we are considering what I mentioned in part 2 or not, let’s face it , in a lot of these windows, contents are definitely too close from edges and margins and the bottom line is that this is not breathing, so that , ultimately , the concerned contents are not given the proper attention , impact and others … see point 4 for complementary information
4- hierarchy of information
let’s face it, apart from the picture nothing is being valued at this stage … u have some texts. They are close from being invisible and unreadable, not to mention that the issue does not really stop here , see the next point for complementary details
5- logo and branding
the place decicated to the logo is too very small indeed. Try to figure this out by putting yourself in the “buyer sit”. If u have a brand , that u want to show a model with some fashion items through buying such an item, well u want it to be seen and legitimately enough, though, for branding matters , u also expect the brand too be valued, and your name , logo and so on not only to be seen, but remembered, as well, how would this be possible in such a context where the logo is not given the right positioning according to the “z-shape reading process” and the space dedicated to placing the logo is such a restricted one?
6- general looks
for me what u have here looks a bit outdated or old , sort of retro but the thing is that global environment is not coherent all the way so that “we can buy it”
7- readability
well texts are , as far as I am concerned , really unreadable and definitely not having anything spinning out of it … so in short I basically fail to understand why u have some, for this decreases the efficiency of the template rather than any other thing by letting people think that the item is not well thought of in the first place
8- finition
for me , what u have now is raw, this is lacking finition, like bringing some shadows to generate some relief and depths. At the moment, this is flat …

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wow! this is a review that i’m looking for! because, you know, the email of rejection didn’t tell me what went wrong about my design.
your review is fully noted. thanks for it. i really appreciate it. now i know what should i do for the next step. thanks again! you’re the best!

well , in order to save time for reviewers u have pre-made rejection messages being sent to everyone, reviewers have a big flow of items to deal with and they clearly would not be able to do such a detailed comment for everyone (especially without extending the reviewing team significantly), it stands to evidence, this is why I try to help, when I can do so, I dare admit when I am not competent lol (like for some very specific kinds of items). Of course , all the things that I have noted are coming from my long experience as a designer, not sure which one prevailed so that your item was rejected … maybe the combination of all, this is possible … well, to tell the ugly truth , at this stage , I am considering saying farewell to the forums after getting in the line of fire of other people on many occasions - though I did my best to help - so your kind words mean a lot to me, thank u very much. Just a small advice though, I recommend that u try to apply the things that I said to this item , most of the guys who say that they are going to do for their next item, ultimately come back here with another rejections , after making the. very same mistakes … :slight_smile:

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lol yeah i kinda know bout that. but at least let us know what’s the mistake that we made. not only just “the quality standard that isn’t…” ummm wait… doesn’t it means that my design is quiet low standard? oh crap… :dizzy_face:

'bout your review and help, it does really help me. now i know why design got rejected. i even put all of your words on my sticky notes. it really open up my eyes. i’ve been a designing for a some time too, but i rarely took a job based on what people searching for and following the trend-stream like selling my design/art on a platform like this. mostly, i create for my own and kinda selfish on making a design/art. :no_mouth:

so, your review really really open up my eyes and bring back my basic knowledge of designing. i realize there’s no easy shortcut if there’s lack of experience. maybe your critic is a little bit spicy, but this spiciness can help me through into another level of designing. hopefully i’m not the guy that you mentioned on the last sentence. or maybe at least i have a fewer comeback here. :laughing:

in this time, i can’t thank you enough. thanks again and again and again! :pray:

I am really sorry if u felt like this … because this was clearly not my intention, to say the least. I have no pleasure “trashing” or pointing at other people’s mistakes, I just try to help them , period. I try to provide deep details on what I see and I can guess that sometimes this be felt like I am sort of pummeling … but how to help really if u keep to the “surface level”. I will not tell u the full details of my life and career that no one really cares about anyway, but I have some reasons to understand how hard this is to be a designer , how much effort it takes, how much time spent, how much dedication this is implying (against all odds, including the fact people do not believe in u and give u no opportunity to showcase what u could do …), especially when u start from scratch just like I did in the past. No clearly , I have no intention to hurt anybody. I do my best to help, all that I can indeed. However , if u say “spicy” and u mean that I talk the talk and prefer telling the ugly truth sometimes so that people can realize how much work they have ahead, in this case, I guess , this maybe an appropriate formulation … u know to be perfectly honest with u, a lot of guys here try to ask for help. They get a really detailed “analysis” from me. They read and keep on doing the same mistakes, then they come back again asking the same about the same issues so to speak. It looks like they read but failed to understand , did not really consider or did not manage to apply … this is why there is a need to insist, for their own goodie u wish …

otherwise, as regard to what u said , I tend to do a bit the same as u do … as I am running the marketplace on "free time " (not full-time), I am likely to create things that I like creating, without the restrictions from customers, agency or whatever , this may mot be the best solution to get rich , I assume … but to keep passion alive this really is , so I guess that everything has pros and cons, in the end, nothing is perfect. However this is also a bit necessary to think as a customer all the same … if u ever come up with something that really comes from another era , u are very likely to end up wasting your time. Having the item rejected and getting no financial resources as a retribution for your time , I tend to believe that this is what we could call “finding the middle way”

anyway , good luck buddy, I hope that your next submissions will turn out to be accepted and I would have helped somehow some way for this to happen :slight_smile:

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lol it’s okay. sometime, i have to listen the ugly truth than a sugarcoated one, so i can expand my skills, profit, experience, etc. for someone like me, your words were considered as constructive criticism. some people can’t take a straight-forward critic. but to be in the next level, i have to prepare my mental to take any criticism, especially those who help me with those words. so, no hard feeling for your words. in fact, i was so grateful that you took some time to review my design and talk about it.

'bout the style of design, maybe this is the one that we have a disagreement. for me, a good design is a good design. either it was from different era or following the mainstream or whatsoever. that’s the thing that makes the design world rich. imagine if all designer made the same thing. that would be so boring, isn’t it? lol but… i agree with you about “finding the middle way”. for someone like me and those people who has a style in their design and perhaps creating a lot of genre, this one is very important. not every people, especially customer, has the same vision. so the best way of it is how to encode their wants combined with what us want to offer. in that way, the middle way will be the best solution. in my opinion… :grimacing:

thanks again for your words and motivations. i haven’t desperate from my rejection. in fact, i still persistent to have one (or maybe a hundred) submission to be accepted and sold nicely. lol

yeah we kind of have one on this one, I can’t deny it, not because I personally do not feel the same as u do, buddy, because philosophical speaking, I feel the same. But, u forget about something , here, this is a private platform / marketplace expecting to have items to be sold … if they did not feel this way , they would probably not care that much and welcome everything so to speak, just like some other platforms are likely to do … we can sort of discuss that strategy , for me this is no problem … I identify that there are pros and cons in everything to say the least, but, if u take a closer look at the situation, it seems that Envato was right about this , since they are the leader - BY FAR - and seem to more systematically offer the kinds of items that people are looking for (I mean in a general way, no doubt that there maybe some flaw somehow some way , somewhere , this is inevitable). Look at this in another perspective indeed , if u are the platform owner, u may try to save some space on multiple servers by refusing to include things that are having super low commercial potential or definitely addressing too much of a small niche so that the items and are dedicating some space if u wish …

I am sorry to tell u just that , but it seems to me that the fiction that u are talking about more or less exists right now (besides maybe the formulation “more or less” is somewhat superfluous lol by the way) … as the great majority of guys create the same kind of things nowadays, because it works , because this is the same that Envato prefers and so on and so forth … big models, texts spread everywhere , there are tons of guys who do the same and the main difference between them is basically the skills that some of them have to offer so that their items look definitely better than those of others because talent speaks by itself in the end …

BTW I had an exchange a short while ago with another author telling me that I was not working smartly and efficiently … since I was not serving things that people wait for authors to serve. The person made a point that I identified though I also answered that no matter what it takes I do not feel like chain creating things that I do not particularly like in the first place and that others turn to massively create in the meanwhile , too. This is a matter of philosophy of life and consideration for passion and work, among other things , even if money is important and I wish I could make more of it a bit to feel more comfortable, this is not and will never be what prevails for me

I agree with u about customers not having the same vision, expectations, tastes and so on, this is clearly not something that I will deny because this is true, globally. However , from my experience, something that u fail to understand is that the platform system pushed to “globalize” all of them out of impulsing the next tastes and creating trends and fashion, this is a bit naive to believe that people’s tastes are natural , because in many cases, they are not … they have been worked out by advertising , by confronting people with bulks of the same thing so that they become standards and so on … (if u feel like for instance that many traditional dresses around the world have been replaced because jeans are cool, I think that u have missed a part of the deal lol nowadays people talk much about influencers and so on , let’s face it , this has always existed , just the process has evolved a bit only this)

yeah do not worry if u put all what it takes in your work , no doubt that at a time u will reach your target to have accepted items and some selling well, u have to listen what other - who try to help u - have to say , make the required efforts and believe in yourself sufficiently so that u keep a required confidence base and doubt about yourself sufficiently so that this is bringing u forward but not enough so that this is pushing u backwards … I assume that all is a matter of balance lol :slight_smile: