Soft Rejected

Previously, the works returned as “Soft Rejected” were approved as the correction was made, but now I have to wait for days again.
What caused it to come back is that I entered a tag consisting of two words.
It would be better if he didn’t struggle so hard in this environment where sales are falling!
Thank you.

I am having the same problem.
This is something that affects us negatively.

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I totally agree here.
AudioJungle has the most complicated and confusing upload rules.
By example:

  1. You upload a music piece with different versions. You need to list them in the description AND in the “additional lengths” field
  2. You upload SFX with different versions. Here you need to list them in the description, but not in the “addition lengths” field.
    Why this difference??? Maybe senseless to discuss.

But that’s not enough. The reviewers seems to have fun to handle the authors like little kindergarden kids.
They review an item. Find the first error and send it back to the author with exact this one mistake.
After the resubmission they find another error and…you guess it…send it back to the author. And the item keeps buzzing around in the review loop for days and days and days.
That’s not my expectation of a good quality service. AudioJungle’s author fee is big enough, that I can expect a review service and not jostling.
by example: If they find a field, which is mistakenly filled (because of confusing upload rules), why they are not able to delete it? Instead of correcting little errors and shorten the review process, they love it to spend time in writing emails and describing rejection reasons instead.
Also, in my opinion, searching and finding errors in an iterative way does not testify to be the brightest candle on the cake.

There are libraries on the market, which do the full work for cataloging and tagging of the items for their authors. That should be an example for a good service and relashionship between the authors and the platform provider.

@BenLeong: Maybe a good point to discuss with the reviewers team.


I can also agree on this one. As a very new author, I have had issues with almost all of my tracks being sent back once, twice or even thrice.

And yes, I also think it is a good point made regarding their way of handling resubmissions. When we’re talking about minor issues that could easily be adjusted by themselves, they spend their time describing the needed corrections, instead of just clicking a button and fixing it to ease the correspondence between the author and the Envato team.

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