[Soft Rejected] Mock-up because of Envato logo!

I got soft rejected from one of our GR contributors (now reviewer) because of Envato logo:

Here is what he wrote:
"Soft Rejected
Remove the Envato logo from the Preview Images, this is a trademark and can not be used."



I had to delete all envato logos from previews and reupload again! My all other files have envato logo in preview.
I found similar desk mockup that have apple logo in preview, dell logo and canon logo! Hows that possible?

And he put price 6$ less than other similar files on market - desk mockups. Unbelievable.
I think that reviewers have to be more educated about envato marketplace. This is so speechless.

hi, yes ,there are inconsistencies sometimes u are right …

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your project is supercool! :heart_eyes:
Awesome job!

Thank you!
But, you can’t do anything with cool project if you have such reviewers.