Can i use my logo on the mock-up i upload?

I would like to know if i can use my logo / name on the mock-up i upload.
And also if you think this set of mock-up i made are ready to upload?
Everything is made by me in Cinema 4D… modeling / lighting / texturing.
Thank you

You can use your own logo/name in the mockup, as long as it’s clear that it’s a mockup.

They look good to me, though this kind of logo mockup is pretty common, so it may be rejected for that reason if at all.

Make sure to remove the watermark you put over the images though. Envato automatically puts a watermark over anything that needs it.

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Thank you
I know about the watermark i just hope i will not be rejected.

I upload it
I believe it takes me 1 week to render and put together all 5 files from Cinema 4D to Photoshop i just hope the reviewer spends 30 mins to take review the files.

I hope it goes well, but I honestly don’t think that they will spend 30 minutes on the review. They have thousands of items to go through, so they can’t spend that much time.

Logos are not about Cinema 4D. Take 90% of your time and put it in logo, the rest 10% can go to the presentation. You will see that usually the best logos are presented only on a plain white background.

They aren’t submitting a logo, they’re submitting a logo mockup.

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Huh, I guess it’s that early in the morning. SRY :slight_smile:

this is a pretty bad idea to present a logo the way u did , as not only using a mockup turns out to be a way to make people see how it looks in context of use, but, in addition, this is also definitely making the logo look better for either the reviewer and the potential buyer afterwards, pls let me remind u that preview files actually are sort of an interface between the creator and his / her logo and the reviewer and potential purchasing base and that giving the preview the proper attention is everything but a wrong idea

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Rejected :rofl: :joy:

This is the quality they want! (Please don’t copy my designs) :smiley: they will hard reject you… but try make it your own

I didn’t say that your mock-up is not good. what i want to say is that give 6-10 mockup in one pack/item… :slight_smile: Envato has been rejected my single mockup earlier even they are good…

Now i have like 10 Logo Mock-up to use because this is the second set of mock-ups that are rejected.

If you want then I can help you make your very first item. :sunglasses:

Want to see this?

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