[Soft Rejected] HTTP 410 Error Connection Problem Live Preview

Urgent, I need help from someone from Envato, anyone (Administrators or Normal Members) my site is giving this problem to the reviewer, I solved the problem earlier today Removing everything related to (X-Frame-Options) and it worked normally, the design, the more this problem occurs for the reviewer.

My Site Demo:


I need urgent help to everyone who wants to give an opinion on what may be the problem, I already fixed the problem by removing it (X-Frame-Options) and it worked, only in Codecanyon this problem is happening (HTTP 410 Error).

Hi @kaikeferraz_dev,

We’re looking into this. I can confirm that all the work you’ve done to remove the X-Frame-Options header from your site has paid off, and that header is no longer present. This particular issue on our side, and we’re investigating what’s wrong. Please bear with us!