Codecanyon cannot access the demo page of my product.

My hosting company says there is no blocking on our side, what could be the reason? I get 410 error.


I am not sure but may be your server is setting the following header which prevents it from being displayed in an iframe.

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

You should either omit the header, or change it to something like below:

X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM

If you are not familiar with X-Frame-Options then contact your webhosting support and let them do this for you.


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I sent a message to my server company, thank you.

Hi @HalilBeycan,

The 410 error is from CodeCanyon, and it occurs because your item hasn’t yet been approved. That’s not the issue the reviewer is seeing.

However, I’m not able to replicate what the reviewer saw – they see a blank screen, I see your site rendering fine (though a bit slowly). Perhaps it was a transient issue with your hosting provider? It looks fine now, so perhaps you can try again. Feel free to reference this forum post.

I did check and your site doesn’t set the X-Frame-Options header, which is the correct behavior to get it to work on our sites. Unfortunately the ALLOW-FROM directive is outdated and no longer works in modern browsers (see details here).

Hopefully it works for the reviewer next time they review.

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Hello, I sent it again. But again they stated that the same problem persists and I am afraid that I will be rejected when I send it again. Because it works for me and I will never know exactly if it will work on them. And this is the beginning of my career, which is a big thing for me. It makes people proud to say that I have a product in a quality place like envato. There is no iframe in the screenshot they took. I mean, it is not accessed straightly, but it is accessed everywhere. If I buy a host abroad and still have the same problem, I am very unstable. Help me, what should I do? My site is accessible from everywhere, but they cannot. The error they get is this

My demo site:


My hosting company said this.

Could you please open the CMD command screen, run the following command, and send the output as a screenshot from the device that cannot gain access?


Hi again @HalilBeycan,

I think the best course of action here is for you to open an author support ticket. Use the following form:

Include in the description a link to this forum post, and to the other post where you asked others to visit your demo page.

As I mentioned, I’m able to visit your demo just fine, but the review staff has had trouble twice in a row. I don’t understand why, but getting your issue tracked in our support system is the best way to get the problem sorted out.