[Soft Rejected] HTTP 410 Error Connection Problem Live Preview


Hi, I need help from someone from Envato, anyone (Administrators or Normal Members) my site is giving this problem to the reviewer(live preview). I solved the problem earlier yesterday by Removing everything(on the HTML header and Nginx server end) related to (X-Frame-Options), and it works fine normally, but this problem occurs for viewing on the live demo.
I am not sure what to do in that case.
I think it’s not setting the URL correctly, as I tried with a different URL, still shows the same.

My site demo,

From the reviewer’s end screenshot,

I need urgent help from everyone who wants to give an opinion on what may be the problem, I already fixed the problem by removing it (X-Frame-Options) and it works on the iframe viewing perfectly, this problem is only happening (HTTP 410 Error) on the CodeCanyon end.

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If you look at their screenshot closely, it’s not even an issue with your website. It’s saying that preview.codecanyon.net itself failed to load. That’s clearly a problem on their end, and I am absolutely shocked that they even sent it your way, as if you can do anything about it. :man_facepalming:

I don’t really know what to suggest other than resubmitting the item and mentioning this fact in the comments. I doubt support would do anything other than blindly direct you back here.

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Just create a static page and add a button to open the website.
Or check with another server. The issue may be related the server you’re using.

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