Soft rejected - Hard rejected .. Why would we please help.

Excuse me.
I wanted you to clarify the reasons for the rejection strongly after the soft rejection, especially since I worked on building and establishing my own component based on step-by-step instructions and according to the forum and members ’instructions, and this rejection causes me severe frustration without knowing how to clearly overcome these problems …

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Sorry, after checking the codebase, this is a long way off the required standards.

My item link:

user: admin
password: admin123

I hope you expand your chest to help me understand what is going on.


Is there any help or clarification?

Intended here as the PSR-2 format?

Same with another item we just commented on - this doesn’t feel right for a marketplace like this.

I can’t see a professional clinic coming to a stock creative marketplace to find a solution to their management needs

There are hundreds of off the shelf and dedicated solutions for this type of functionality that is designed for purpose, constantly updated, vastly more secure and supported.

It isn’t just about if it works - it has to also be suitable and have commercial value

FYI this is not a soft rejection - it’s a hard one

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thanks for your reply .
And I did not find in the market what is specialized in the dental clinic, particularly in controlling dental charts
I worked on many features, please see these details:

Your opinion matters to me.

It’s not that you don’t have the right features etc - I just don’t see the likely commercial value in something this specialist on a creative marketplace eg 24 sales in nearly 4 years…

I could be utterly wrong but i don’t see how someone who works in medical would discover or find a system on a creative marketplace

If you can code more advanced item then maybe focus on a more generic / practical solution?

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Thanks for the help , and I will advise you :slight_smile: