Item reject.

My first submission got soft reject and on final resubmission, it was rejected. I am not sure why because this was my first submission.
The web application was made with Laravel, PHP framework.

The message I received from the review team was as follow
unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
can you help me what could be the reason for the rejection?

Impossible to give feedback without seeing the demo link

it is simple app

The styling looks a bit off-the-shelf and bland

While not necessarily a reason for rejection I think the sales potential of this type of item is very limited. I just can’t see how a medical business is going to discover a script/tool on a creative marketplace, and even then due to the nature of the data being passed through it, it seems unlikely that they would adopt a sub $100 solution over the countless, purpose-built and advanced options out there

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Hi @charlie4282, Thanks for a reply.
I’m think to make one more web application with PHP,laravel framework to sell on codecanyon. This time It should get accepted otherwise it is just waste of time for me. I need few suggestions from you before making new project.
So, do Code standard really matters ? Will they check coding standard during review?
Or ,will they review only the functionality of the project?
Please help me with these questions.
Thanks and appreciated for your reply.

They will look at all design, code and functionality but…

  • if the my open the file and the design is way off then they may not then look at the code.

  • it’s not just about technicality - the marketplace demand and relevance to the marketplace .v. Existing items etc. Are all also considered

Ultimately it’s about being a “premium” standard item this means it’s no good to be good in just one aspect - it has to be complete and to the standards on every level

Thanks. I understood now