Soft rejected due to screenshot issue, after fixing it, got permanently rejected!

I uploaded my app “Bycom VPN” a few days ago.
It was “Soft” rejected due to a screenshot resolution issue, maybe my images exceeded the limit.
Check the email below.

I fixed this by creating new screenshots with the exact dimensions envato provided in the mail, and submitted a new update by uploading to the item.
Now it’s completely rejected!

Screenshots attached below

Why is the review process making it so difficult for us to sell here?
Even if item gets approved, the next reviewer just rejects it. Is he/she not able to check previous edits?

It’s either a bad decision from the beginning that the item would be rejected or there’s a mistake.
As we are all volunteer here and we have no parts for the reviews, you will need to contact Envato support to create a ticket to request for additional information.

Where can i create a ticket?

Thats for buyers.

My account > Other