Soft Rejected for my first Envato Project, Help


I submitted My app in envato for the first time and it got soft rejected saying the descrition is lacking and the screenshots i provided are low resolution. But it says Portrait: from 700px to 900px high. and my screenshots are 1080x2400. Do i have to submit exacty 700x900? also what is thumbnail is for? where it will be used? what should it contain? i will fix the description tho.

I just dont wanna make another mistake when i resubmit. so im making sure.

Here is up to date advice

Bear in mind that if these images and description was wrong then it’s likely that the app itself is yet to be reviewed

Hello, Thanks for the reply. I will follow the guidelines. images and description is not wrong. the images are from the app.But i wrote a very short description. i just corrected it. i gave more detailed information about it. i will fix the images now following the guidelines then resubmit. hopefully it gets approved this time :slight_smile: