Soft Reject Reason

The reason is - because I use wp_reset_query();

tuts+ are an Envato ,right? So why they learn to use it and then reject project which use it.

that’s from 2011, use wp_reset_postdata() instead

Thank You :slight_smile:

I got only one question … what profit envato has from soft rejects ? and article about wordpress requirements form 2013 ?

there are no real requirements, just basic common sense e.g.

  • use the right code examples
  • pass the theme check plugin (and website)
  • shortcodes / post types to plugins
  • sanitize everything e.g. __(‘my text’, ‘my_slug’)
  • prefix everything e.g. myname_mytheme_myfunction

I have a multitude of plugins and websites I test all my websites with including

  • theme check
  • VIP Scanner
  • debug bar

Read through WordPress Soft-Rejection Reasons as well as that covers a few more

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I do it all … I haven’t got any bugs … only in theme check iframe which are always exist … but for example I have also soft reject because of prefix - I use wr_ and application tester said that it’s to simple … so I have many “bugs” with typo after change prefix

And one thing I do not understand … why one application tester send me this (.ds_store are impossible to exist because I every time clean all my mac) but iframe ? I give 110% that every of wordpress blog with video or soundcloud post do not pass this test.

I send request to remove this application tester from my review queue but probably only what I will get is hard reject.

I know pretty much nothing about Wordpress, so I can’t really help, but I’ve been following your epic approval saga with gusto. I’ve got some bubbly on ice for when you get your first theme approved!

Don’t use WR as anyone could use that, use Wordica_themename_myfunction

why are you adding iframes into the content manually? I can’t think of a reason why I have ever wanted or needed to hard code iframes into a theme.

also you need to be sanitizing the $happiness stuff as you echo it e.g.


Anyone with malicious intent could hook into the $happiness variables just before you echo, so sanitize them

I do not use iframe directly is use wp_oembed_get

but why? i can’t think of a reason to need to put them in manually

They are only info errors though so shouldn’t be rejected for them BUT you might get told to change it (if you can).

that’s why i ask for change application tester … I even bought other blog and it also had this errors. Even when You install Themeforest plugin checker form 2013 iframe “info” are removed.

Thank you. I use the tools you recommend to test my theme. I am new. :slight_smile:

Really ? You think it’s safe to upload .zip with theme? :slight_smile: and on second day it will be on half of free sites? :slight_smile:

tick the “Forget uploaded data after results” checkbox and your theme will be deleted straight after you see the results. It’s actually a useful service as it checks a few things that the themecheck plugin doesn’t

Show me error wirh: File type map detected

I do not believe that kind of sites like themechec. org … there are to many frauders on the web.

debug bar doesn’t show any errors

you don’t need the .map files in your theme, but you won’t get rejected for it

There is no guarantee your theme won’t be used for bad BUT from what I have seen

  1. you upload your theme
  2. it checks your theme and gives you a report
  3. it deletes your theme
  4. it shows your report on the site (if you don’t tick the disallow)