Soft Reject - Need help on [Envato-Theme-Check]

Hi All,
We got an issue on reject message related [Envato-Theme-Check].
Before we submit item for review, the result for my item on [Envato-Theme-Check] is here: 2022-02-23_11-28-26.jpg - Google Drive
But we got soft reject message:

  1. Themes are required to fix all issues that result in a REQUIRED notice in the Envato Theme Check plugin [GitHub - envato/envato-theme-check: The WordPress Theme Check plugin for Envato]. There are no longer any allowable exceptions.

It is also strongly recommended that WARNING, RECOMMENDED and INFO notices be resolved if possible. Some may be the result of an issue that is cause for rejection (Reviewers make this decision).

The Envato Theme Check plugin is a fork of the original Theme Check plugin, which has been modified to more closely match these requirements.

Notes: We have set: define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );
Please Advice
Thanks in Advances

If you’re using macOS, make sure you don’t have .ds_store files included on WordPress theme zip file.

Thanks for your message.
We’re using Win 10 OS.
[Envato-Theme-Check] result: 2022-02-23_11-28-26.jpg - Google Drive

Upload the item with a notification/message to the reviewer that you have already checked it with ThemeCheck and add screenshots ( links )

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good idea, i will