Soft Rejected Twice because of OpenGraph and echo $after_widget



Does anyone see WordPress Core widgets? just take a look [wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-rcent-comments.php] …

I got Soft-Reject twice because of [echo $after_widget] and [base64_decode] from Twitter API … I’m really confused what should i do? … I found that WP-Core itself using [base64_decode] in some cases … Why it becomes illegal??

  1. generates [Attribute xmlns:og not allowed here] … What should i do? remove OpenGraph??

  2. Twitter API encodes their data so if you want to grab this data you MUST decoding it using [base64_decode] what is the equivalent method?

  3. WordPress itself using [echo $output] in their widgets and using inline hard code [Style] … in some cases you cannot use [wp_add_inline_styles].

  4. TGM Plugin Activation that Envato itself recommending to use it generates [add_theme_page()] required in Theme Check.

I just want to open a discussion with Envato Team to discuss these issues we met because i have to delete Twitter widget and add sanitization for [$before_widget] variable that i don’t know is that correct or what?

Thanks for Envato Team & Reviewers and hope to understand my opinion correctly.


The reviewers are all really nice people, they’re just busy. If you want a dialogue, find out who your reviewer was and email Envato support asking the above questions, they will forward and you’ll get a reply back (most likely), the only thing to note is that it will take a bit of time!