Soft reject from themeforest reviewer

I have got a soft reject from themeforest reviewer for some warning & required issues, which is detected by envato theme check plugin.
If I apply that plugin’s recomendation, then my codes are not working.
Note: Most of the issue/error is showing in third party plugin of my theme. i.e. tgm plugin & code star framework.

Anyone please suggest/advise how to solve it?

In the below I have attached screenshot:

Hi @nurul_alam,

Usually you need to escape whatever you decide to be echoed. If you are able to explain to the reviewer that framework code is secure, you can try to resend your theme, but most likely it will be rejected again for the same reasons. There are not many themes on TF that use Codestar framework, so it may not be easy to have your theme accepted in current form.

This is what framework author is suggesting on his github page:

I advise use this framework as plugin for themeforest. because there will be a lot of issues… Some reviewer will say to you “esc_html, file_get_contents, base64_encode, include_once, bla bla bla” not allowed.

As for the TGMPA - make sure to download the most recent version, tailored specifically for ThemeForest.


Thanks @LucaThemesCom, but I am seeing same issue in some approved theme also, these errors are passing by theme check plugin.

Well then, how about asking the author himself?
@Codestar, any advice? :slight_smile:

They are using also “ns-theme-check” plug-in. Search the forum, it’s been discussed before

@ki-themes What’s the solution could you please advise?

Install the “NS Theme Check” plugin as well as before submitting the item. Check the reviewers message. They should’ve added the download link ( Github ) or search the forum. I have posted it sometime ago

@LucaThemesCom I have analyzed based on your comment & reached to a descition that framework is not matter. I found every theme is usually checking by theme check plugin which is available in WP repository.
Other theme check plugins are one kind of trap/bad luck for the author by reviewers.
I have couple of premium themes from ThemeForest i.e. Avada, Pearl, Nivo etc. Anyone of those are not passed by the Envato theme check plugin even showing 50+ REQUIRED & WARNING.

Could you please provide any good idea about that?

If you look at Theme Check on github, it hasn’t been updated recently.

But take a look at its Network graph (pan at right with the mouse until April 2018):

There are some forks there which were updated quite recently.

For instance, this is a better version of Theme Check, a fork maintained by an Envato Elite author, maybe you could check your theme too with this, as it’s up to date:

All the best!

Or…even better :wink:

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Some reject reasons are indiscriminate, but we still need to fix them :smiley:

@hevada thanks for providing updated link, but how to escape framework code & some WP core variable like as $args [‘before_widget’] & $args [‘after_widget’] if I escape those then it’s stopped working.

@leafcolor thanks!