Soft Reject about TGMPA error

Hello Guys

I’ve got my soft reject about using add_theme_page instead of add_submenu_page but the error comes from the tgm file.

P.S That was the only reason for the reject.

Generate it for ThemeForest on

Thanks @mondotheme

19.05.2016 last release of TGMPA - I got soft reject because I do not use latest release.

If its about releases its ok because maybe there is some security or bug fixes

But i saw a lot of reviewers not using Themeforest-check plugin but only themecheck.
Should we test our themes only using themecheck?

Impossible to say… I got 10th soft reject and one time reviewer X send me iframe bugs because he doesn’t use themeforest-check plugin and second time that same reviewer won’t send me iframe bugs …

Themeforest check plugin is not considered now a days!