Themeforest Review Standards

Guys, I’m dying here, I need some help.

Can someone point me to where the TF review standards are? I’ve now lost 2 weeks on a soft rejected theme because my reviewer insists that add_shortcode is not allowed in a theme, even though I’m sure Envato do allow this? I can’t keep waiting 7 days for a re-review just to argue this point, can someone point me to the docs that say yes/no on this?


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It’s not allowed.

All shortcodes/widgets etc. must be in a separate plugin that’s activated after your theme is installed, via the TGM class.

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I would like to know that also. We are in a similar situation (different issue though). Also seems to me that some new rules are now followed since only 2 wp themes were accepted this week (probably a lot of soft rejections?)

Again though, any documentation to support this? This has never been an issue before, a long time ago there was standards discussion and although it was agreed that plugins should be in a plugin, shortcodes were left in the themes for now.

We also noticed that new themes acceptance slowed down verrrrry much. Any idea what’s behind that ? Is Envato limiting number of new themes per month/week or something ? I didn’t notice any official announcements …

I have no idea, I just know that suddenly the resubmission queue is now 6-7 days (used to be 2-3) and that only a few themes were accepted lately.

It was mentioned some times ago that shortcodes should be moved into a plugin for a better customer experience (when switching to another theme).
You will find the Themeforest requirements here (but there isn’t any mention about shortcodes).
And here the post about update requirements where it’s mentioned that shortcodes must be in a plugin.

Well, we developed VC extension (plugin) to move add_shortcode(s) to that plugin, We completely cleaned up theme from “plugin territory” functionalities (shortcodes, custom post types).
I suggest the same for you … taken from:

So the client is going to have hard time to install a theme ?

I’m working on my theme, and I’m building some advanced widget specific to my theme. Why should I create everything as a plugin?

The client will have to make sure is installing the plugin…