Unfortunately your update to ThemeForest Item couldn't be approved for the following reasons.


Can someone help me understanding the reply i have got from Review Team about my update of the item on themeforest

I recieved a message with these requirements


I have some questions:

  1. Here are the Official WordPress Tags Requirements

I don’t understand why i have to remove the tags “news” and “blog” from style.css header while they are a apart of the official requirements/standards

  1. My theme has about 140 sales and i use some features like shortcodes, custom posts and taxonomy. If i remove these features my clients will be unhappy to use a different product than they paid for. There may be some new developing requirements but they should not be retroactive.

Thank you and excuse me for bothering you but i am waiting for a reply to understand how can we solve the update problem.

Have a nice day,
myThem.es developer team.

  1. Move the shortcode function to a plugin, install TGM into your theme (http://tgmpluginactivation.com/) which then asks the website owner to install that plugin. Unfortunately WP now requires all shortcode data to be in plugins as if your clients decide to change their theme, there site will break because your shortcodes are theme restrictive. It may add a bit of support for you to do to get all clients moved across but it’s better in the long run to fix the theme.

  2. WP.org regularely removes tags from the directory, blog and news are 2 of these.

  3. The taxonomy and post types should be the same as #1, move them to a plugin.

Moving 1 and 3 to a plugin should be easy and no major issues as the data will still be in the clients site, you are just registering it in a different place, just means clients now need an extra plugin.