Soft Reject and Soft Reject : I need your help , please!

Hi , My theme was soft-rejected again and again, Seems like there is always new things
added to each rejections. Getting really frustrated with this. Anyhow
here is what the reviewer said:

  1. Remove items circled in red, green is good and English already implies there:
  1. All scripts and styles (including comment reply) should be added from functions file and hooked with wp_enqueue_*, don’t hardcode them or include them directly, like in header.php, footer.php, etc. Additionally,
    for inline styles and recommended for custom styles you can use:

and for scripts

  1. Contact Forms, Registrations, Logins etc are plugin functionality, please include as a plugin via TGMPA or similar.
  1. Don’t forget to run Theme Check as well anything that is not a plugin is part of your theme, therefore if Theme Checks reports issues, kindly resolve them all.
    The only exception is ZIP folder message, you can disregard that one.
    Please check everything carefully, not fixing the issues or fixing them partially will delay your final approval.

Additionally, offline and online theme documentation needs to be complete and not just a brief details how to install demos and plugins. It should also be easy to understand, complete and grammar-free. Offline documents must be 100% independent when no internet connection is available.

What should I do ? This is the 7th rejection and I’m really frustrated .

for Theme Check I got this result.


Please DM me. i can help you.