Soft Reject and Soft Reject about the design: I need your help , please!

Hi everyone, I need your help to review my home page design. After several submit, we also get the soft reject for the homepage section.

  1. Sorry to say, but once again, improvements are pretty minimal and the overall quality is not prime-ready.

Significant changes are still required to avoid hard rejection and we already went over this several times. :frowning:

Where to start?

  • An overall design quality

  • Visual hierarchy and aesthetics

  • Typography

  • Forms and buttons

  • More attention to details

  • Better design consistency

  • An overall spacing

  • Color contrast and schemes

Here are some resources for you:

Please give us some advice about the design for the home page section as the reviewer said.


The reviewer has given a comprehensive explanation - just follow their advice. Your design looks basic, unfortunately that is not enough these days to get approved. You should make your layout more interesting and make the design more unique.
Nobody will give you a step by step guide on how to improve your item - browse the market and see what is currently trending (design wise), and adjust your item to be more modern an unique looking. Then you will have better chances of getting approved.

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Thank you for the advice. Yes, we are changing and improve the theme and the design.

Your theme design looks basic / not artistic. That’s why theme reviewer suggested you to improve it. Please follow some approved items and compare with your item, you will get the difference