Social Networks Promotion, Referrals & Conversion

Hi fellows, as you can notice from the pics above, my try to promote one of my latest tracks on FB ended up (one more time) being a great frustration! This is not new for me as I almost gave up completely to invest some of my scarce time to promote my stuff on social networks. So, I would love to know, as well as many of you (I guess) that share this same feeling I do, what is wrong about this?!
Let’s share our frustrations as well as our successes and ideas so we can learn from each other to improve our skills on Social Networks Marketing?
If you like, you can post screenshots of your Social Networks posts and AJ Referrals pages, like I did, to support it.

Thanks a lot!

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram didn’t bring much impact for me too. Things that helped my sales are website and Youtube. Luckily my website got number 1 on some Google spesific words, so maybe SEO on your website will help better with the sales.


Social media marketing is the science. Just making links to your portfolio via all possible social networks isn’t enough.

Thanks for your comment and advice @FASSounds.
Actually I don’t have a website yet but I’m thinking about it for the near future. On the other hand, I have a Youtube channel but I don’t post new stuff there for quite some time because it never converted into referrals (just like FB) and it takes me some time to produce the videos, that I feel its of better value used to produce music.
Anyways, it’s strange the Facebook example I posted above that reached 1,330 people and only converted in 13 people visiting the AJ item page. I posted that ad on my target FB groups of Online Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Filmmakers, Video Production and so on.

Thanks for you comment @CustomMelody.
Yes, I guess it is a science that I have not mastered at all! Do you have some tips about it that you’d like to share?

Our Facebook ads campaign bring 0 sale :smiley:

That seems pretty normal. 10-50 from 1,330 views would be normal. How big do you think the percentage is for people actually buying a product they saw on a TV ad? Much, much, much smaller.

If you had 1,000+ AJ visitors from 1,330 views of your ad it would be the best magical ad anyone had ever produced in the history of the world!

Another problem is that your ad is an ad that you have pushed on to people. I find YouTube to yield better results (around 3 in 100 for me). This is because the viewers are likely to have searched for that particular subject before even watching the video.

Hi Guys in this thread - @SonicFox, @CustomMelody, @FASSounds, @leafcolor etc :slight_smile:
I am really glad that someone has bought this up :slight_smile: as @CustomMelody said ‘Just making links to your portfolio via all possible social networks isn’t enough.’ there is sooooo much more that could be done but I guess most people are like me - too busy to do it ‘properly’ - no that’s wrong - should be to busy to spend that much time on it - yet there is/may be a solution that we could all benefit from :slight_smile: and it should be ‘free’ (or at worst a very nominal cost).

Sure post to FB/Twitter etc but that is not going to do ‘that’ much unless we can all reach more people - and that is where we can all help each other by ‘dare I say it’ working as a team - together etc :slight_smile:

All of you will know different people (followers friends etc) so lets say I have 20 followers I can almost guarantee that those followers have not heard of @SonicFox or @somebodyelseonenvato (:)) - I’m happy to tell my people about you, if you tell your people about me. Think if we had 10,20,50,100 or more authors all working together we would be reaching far more people.

Sure not everyone is interested in what I do or what you do, BUT (and this is the magic of Social media), one of my followers has a follower who does want to know about @somebodyelseonenvat’s products, they are looking ‘right now’ for exactly that.

That can be achieved by simple liking and retweeting just do a few a day (if we had lots of authors taking part the effect could/would be good)

BUT THEN, we should review each others products - not on Envato - but on FB etc. Think a review is worth far more than just a like or retweet. All the time we should be referencing back to the authors website if they have one or at worst their Envato Portfolio. If people also use say Twitter Cards (as I do) then every time the URL is mentioned - guess what your Twitter Card is published and that’s an image with text/title/description.

It’s only a small start and part of what can be achieved on SM, but there is far greater strength in numbers than an individual just tweeting every now and then.

For those interested I also pay (but don’t use yet) for a twitter/Facebook scheduling service good thing about this one is I can create a .csv file of up to 500 tweets/post in advance. They will then publish according to a schedule. I can’t fill 500 tweets/posts over say a week or month but I bet together we can.

Therefore I am prepared to offer 450 ‘spare tweets/posts’ each month for other authors that I can publish - yes images etc NP - If you follow me you will see those tweets, so will my and your followers etc. As said it’s a start, sure only a small one, BUT may be there is someone out there that we (individually know and unknown to the others) who is looking for exactly what you are offering.

If your interested in working together on this drop me an email or PM me here and don’t forget to tell other, be active and proactive.

If I have say 10 others who are interested I will be happy to start - so get thinking of your posts & tweets :slight_smile:

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WOW, that coming from a Themeforest elite author has a very special meaning, as you can imagine!
Can you tell us a bit more about that campaign and what you think went wrong, please?

Thanks for comment @Flumen.
Had no idea that a conversion rate of 0.01% on a FB ad was a good one!
I think you’re right about the difference between an ad that’s pushed to people and an ad that people search for, like on Youtube. But from experience, it did not convert for me at all, as well. Maybe because people didn’t like my music or my videos were not appealing, I don’t know.

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Hi @Kwikbitzonline thanks for your contribution!
Great ideas you posted here, for sure. I’m in the mood to try some team work, despite I don’t have many followers on my Social Network pages and not much free time to spend on it, but for sure I want to try it! I always believed that team work is the best way to achieve good results. I’m going to drop you a line. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Iam willing to help out AJ Artist’s by with reposting electronic music on my Soundcloud Pages. (2000 followers)
Follow me and when I followed back send me your song!



That is 1%, not 0.01%…

You have to differentiate between products that people buy just because they like them, and products they buy because they NEED them.

No one is going to license anything at all just because they LIKE it. Licensing is done when you NEED something, which means you will most often ACTIVELY search for what you need (and like, but not necessarily). An ad isn’t going to make me license something just because I like it. If I find myself in a situation where I NEED a track, I already have something in mind and will actively search for it.

Yes, but when it’s time to choose one track from the results of your search, where you are presented to many similar tracks that fit your project needs and you think are appealing to your target audience, you will choose the one you like the most, meaning that your liking is always taking into account, consciously or unconsciously. For example, I hate wearing a tie, but when I have to buy a new one 'cause I’ll have a meeting where everybody is wearing one, I will choose the one with the color I like the most and that fits well with my suit. Same with RF music! If your target audience is people from the Bronx you will not search for a classical piano track. Most certainly you will search for a hip-hop track, despite you love classical music and hate hip-hop. But when it’s time to choose the track to buy from the list of all the hip-hop tracks, you will probably go for a hip-hop track that has a classical piano sample on it.
You’re right, 1% not 0.01%… sorry my math is a disaster, I have to go to school again! :smiley:

When there were groups on SC I used to post my tracks there regularly to about 20 RF music ones. Never converted into people coming to AJ nor a single buy!

Of course, but are they seeing your ad on Facebook because they search for that type of music on Facebook? Not very likely…

So far, in June, I have 42,000 views on my YouTube promotion videos.

1,300 of those clicked on an Envato link. That’s 3%.

15 actually bought something. That’s 0.036%.

It’s still a lot more money than the YouTube monetization, but you can quickly see that a PAID ad is probably not going to be worth it… What does 1,300 clicks on a Facebook ad cost? From what I can see between $208-1,300. That means losing a lot of money.

The people who clicked my links only saw my YouTube videos because they actively searched for something related to those videos on YouTube (or Google). Pretty much everyone was looking for exactly what was in my videos. I know because I have the analytics data. Of course, most people don’t want to pay for it…

And remember - Google and Facebook are not friends. When people search on Google they will find YouTube videos. Not Facebook videos/pages.

Imagine how many random Facebook views on an ad you would need for those numbers. I’m saying that people use Google, YouTube and maybe SoundCloud to find music, AE templates, Stock Footage etc. It’s not very likely someone would use Facebook for that.

Thanks for the share on SC @BeachVibes! I dig your tracks…my wife loves these down tempo vibes too…shared one of yours as well. Keep up the great work and best wishes for continued success!

Hey guys. Agree with you. As i wrote here many times that social media promotion is a waste of time. Even if you have a very small impact you promote the marketplace but not yourself and your music.

Social Media not very effective.

I got this situation too, my Facebook response almost same like you.
I just keep promote my link through all method that I can do.(Facebook, twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, reddit, Google plus, website)

because I never know when the real customer will click my link, I just try my best to keep my music exposure on social media as many as I can.

There are some authors that are doing really well and refering customers via Youtube,website and social media. Some of audiojungle authors have milions of views and many comments and likes on their youtube videos, and not just viral authors like Pink Zebra and Tim McMorris. Digital marketing requiers serious effort, knowledge,plan and time. You have to brand yourself, make very good content and be persistent. I’m not the one that’s good at this and I don’t have time to invest , but authors like @SnailMusic are working very hard in that field and they are doing really great job. But I agree that Facebook is probably not very good for this.You really can’t expect to just throw links arround for stock music and things to take off that way. That’s not something people will want to follow and it isn’t something exciting or attractive like if you were in a band for example - which works great on Facebook. I have youtube channel with live studio sessions where I record artists in my country, and that promotes great on Facebook, I don’t have to do anything and likes and subscriptions just keep coming with very minimal effort. But stock music is a VERY different thing. :slight_smile: Best chance to promote this is probably to have your own website + good youtube channel, but that takes a lot of time,it’s better not to go into it if you’re not ready to invest at least as much effort and time as in producing tracks.