Impact of social media in your sales

Hi there folks,
I would like to know what is the impact of your social media in your sales?!
Been trying instagram, youtube (0 views on 7 uploads), soundcloud and facebook since the begining of this month (December 2018), and so far seemed it didn’t have any impact on my sales. I noticed as well that some top artist don’t have a lot of media presence, which made me wonder if I should keep investing time promoting my audio content thru there. I think the best option would be to keep uploading and see how it goes.
Let me know your experiences regarding the social media guys/girls!
Cheers! :slight_smile:


You can see @MorningLightMusic , @AShamaluev , @WaveToys Youtube Channels. They surely got many sales from their channel.


i will take a look!! :slight_smile:
It will be cool to build some notions regarding the YT platform. Thanks :smile:


I have been doing YouTube and SoundCloud for 4 years. Active last 2 years. This clearly affects sales for the better.

This year was the best in my history, I increased my audience on these platforms 5 times.

If everything is done correctly, then you can have from 100 sales per month, but with promoted channels.

When you have small views on YouTube it gives 0 sales. You need to somehow develop it all. It does not come by itself. And not so fast.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not work as well as YouTube and SoundCloud.


Thank you for your valuable input!
What you say makes total sense.
Tbh, I felt that soundcloud was dying a bit in the last years, but probably you are right, as it might work nicely for this purpose. Youtube was the one that captivated me the most, as I believe for sure with regular uploading using nice videos to support the audio content could work out nicely on that platform.
Instagram maybe, for building a sort of fanbase, maybe it could work I suppose, due to its dynamics. Dunno if translates in sales.
Last but not least FB, man… I ve been following one or another top sellers on FB and it seems like an wasteland over there. Not sure if the time spent on that platform compesates on any sales… About tweeter I believe the impact on this sort of business might not be relevant to spend time there either.

I think Facebook can be a nice tool to spread your word, same as Linkedin. But you need to interact directly with potential customers: presentation letter, some nice and good words… the key is the direct relationship. I have some good experiences with this… I recommend to put some effort in develop this “personalizing” facet.
good luck!

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Well… Social media has a huge impact on sales. For example we are using Instagram & Twitter also Facebook, but my computer died in the begging of December so I can’t make promotional materials… From that time our sales dropped with 50%


I see! Nice valuable input guys! Thank you so much for this!
I think the best approach would be to test in which platform creates more value, because it might depend on the audio content offered. Some content might have a better response on different platform, depending also on the skills on Social platform X or Y, so the experience on each platform might be different from one user to another, I suppose.
last but not least, hope you guys have a nice 2019!

Thanks @FASSounds for tagging me, but I’m nowhere near successful as the other guys you tagged :smiley:

Here’s what I think:
For 99% of authors, social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) has no affect on sales whatsoever. It’s not easy at all, and we are doing it completely wrong. Let’s take Facebook for example… (I also don’t put any efforts there because I don’t have time to manage it properly, so I didn’t even bother with that yet)

Once someone comes there and clicks to buy your music, the huge universe of Envato opens up. From that point, following individual author on Facebook is useless. There are 800 000 tracks on Envato to choose from, and the customer can follow your profile here if he really wants to. Most customers don’t need music every day or just when you publish it. It’s not something you would follow or engage with on social media.

All we do on Facebook is this: “New inspirational epic track released today! Buy it now!”
The reality is - no one cares. :smiley:

This is SOCIAL media, and that kind of behavior is ANTI-SOCIAL. Imagine if we were in a bar, and someone shouts constantly at you “New inspirational epic track released today! Buy it now!”.
If that’s all he talks about the whole night, would you enjoy that kind of company? Would you invite that guy to the party again next week? NO, because it’s irritating and boring.

You’ve made them avare of Envato once before, and now they simply go there and find what they need and when they need it.

Who are your customers? Are they videographers and marketers? What do they need? (besides your music) What are they interested in and passionate about? Why should they follow you on a daily basis on Facebook?

Maybe cameras, marketing tips, drone reviews, tips and tricks for After Effects? I can think of 100 things you could offer to them to SOCIALIZE and engage with you on Facebook, it would be something worth following. If they engage, their videographer friends will see that activity, join the page and also check your music and maybe buy something. That’s how you grow.

And then, you can throw links to your music every now and then without irritating people too much. Let’s imagine again if we were in a bar… We casualy chat and have fun, and then the guy says: “Hey, btw. if you ever need blabla this is what I do, so check it out.” That’s it, now back to having fun!
But managing social media this way is really a hard work, enough to call it a full-time job. :slight_smile: 1_8xraf6eyaXh-myNXOXkqLA


wow @HoneyLoud I hope you will go back to your nice sales very soon!
Is a good example, instagram is a good tool, I love linkedin to have direct talk with the potential customer.
good luck!


thank you @WaveToys , very good contribution, and I agree! you need to play the same game as the customer, you have to emphasize, and share interesting materials for them,… and from them to others!


LOL would be really epic if someone do that in real life! :rofl:


@MusicLFiles thank you, like @WaveToys said this is a full-time job, so for now I’m unemployed… :joy: :sweat_smile: Hope my new computer arriving soon, and I can implement my strategies :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree. It’s very important to know how to use social media & which audience you can and have to target in each channel. Also, how to use correctly paid advertising, because that’s a very cool stuff If you know the tricks. If anybody is interested you can buy courses from Udemy and try it for yourself :slight_smile:


Also…I forgot to mention…Does anyone use Vimeo and Soundcloud? I created profiles to both and uploaded 3 tracks/videos a while ago and never touch it anymore. Do you think it is worth the time to promote our tracks on those too? Thanks

You guys have been amazing :smiley:
Thank you for keeping the ball rolling! It is always good to watch and learn from everyone’s experience.
Keep sharing your thoughts on this subject, I will take a look about what everybody’s doing. This will help a lot!

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Hey there friend, thanks for starting this thread. It’s very interesting and it’s great to share and learn from everyone here! :slight_smile:

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Vimeo, I dunno…Sondcloud, well it depends. Soundcloud is on life support from long ago, and out of desperation they now claim you can monetize your content, which pays lower rates than spotify. Not sure if it will be a platform for the future. To make it worse, and I could be mistaken, but I think FB doesn’t allow the SC’s preview player anymore.

yes…I heard that SC is not doing so well too, so it would be a waste of time to upload our tracks there just for it to close suddenly. I didn’t know that FB does not allow SC player on it anymore…

And don’t forget the most important thing, be original and do your own thing!
Don’t just go and spy on your competition and copy stuff from their social media & websites. You are a composer, you make living by being creative every day! The right way to succeed and stand out is to be totally unique. The more you look and talk like someone else, less interesting you are. + nobody likes a copycat :slight_smile:


Yeah. I know how to be a copycat tbh, as back in the days, was basically what my clients required me to be… One of the reasons I stop doing ghost production. Copycatting makes me bored :rofl: One of the main aspects who made me embrace a new project. It’s a waste, having the luxury to be original, and still, not having very original content.

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